The appliance garage trend is the secret to a clutter-free kitchen

There's never been a better time to create space behind closed doors – and interior experts agree

Appliance garage in a kitchen
(Image credit: Neptune)

It is easy to see why appliance garages are having a moment. These practical features allow you to conceal your appliances in an instant – so you can prioritize your kitchen's aesthetic – without sacrificing your microwave or toaster. 

Unsurprisingly, appliance garages are making waves across the kitchen industry – and experts are rushing to bring this interior design trend into the chicest of spaces. And this movement isn't going to go anywhere fast. Here's what you need to know about the feature before you make the investment. 

What are appliance garages?

Appliance garage in a kitchen

(Image credit: Neptune)

As its apt name suggests, this feature is a 'garage' for kitchen appliances and other less attractive kitchen essentials. They are often built into the counter or pantry to create a seamless space. While this feature is not entirely new, it fell out of favor after appearing dated. However, appliance garages have had a revamp for 2022. 

Designers are officially falling back in love with this kitchen idea – so it's time you gave it another try. 

Appliance garage in a kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

According to deVOL's Creative Director, Helen Parker, the trend comes from the growing desire to hide (some) appliances – but ensure they remain easily accessible. 

'Customers are very discerning about their small appliances, and depending on the function and look, we can ensure these are well hidden but easily accessible or on full view due to their coolness,' she explains. 'For instance, a microwave is seldom attractive but often an absolute necessity, whereas a coffee machine may be a lifelong and very covetable acquisition.' 

This modern kitchen idea allows you to choose which appliances you have on show – but what is the best way to embrace the feature in your kitchen? Here, we hear from the designers who have already flirted with the trend. 

How to bring an appliance garage into your home  

Appliance garage in a kitchen

(Image credit: Neptune)

Stephanie Nix, the kitchen designer at Neptune, recommends investing in a bi-fold cabinet (such as the one pictured above) that is the 'perfect' way to create a 'concealed, one-stop-shop for appliances.' 

With bi-fold doors, you can 'easily access appliances when you need them' but then quickly shut them out of sight after use. 'It's like a breakfast-making, coffee station, larder storage cabinet all in one,' Stephanie adds. 

Tom Howley, the eponymous kitchen company designer, also shares his kitchen styling ideas. He adds that you can also conceal tins, jars, and bottles in an appliance garage; however, it is important to consider the weight and height of the items you want to store. 

Appliance garage in a kitchen

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

'A spice rack design won't cut the mustard if you want a bespoke space for your pasta jars,' he warns. 'Lighter racking or baskets are ideal for cereal and bread while sturdy oak shelving is a good option for holding the weight of jars and tins.' 

This is a stylish garage we can get behind.

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