I'm a shopping writer – there's already hundreds off furniture at Ashley for Labor Day

Ashley's Labor Day deals are already here, and there's up to 50% off home furniture.

Some products in the Ashley Labor day deals: A luxury living room
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Labor Day is the best time to buy furniture. Ashley is one of the best places to buy furniture. Combine the two and it's a no brainer - Ashley's Labor Day sale is a dream come true.

I'm a shopping expert, so I couldn't wait to scroll through Ashley's deals to find the best ones. They have some incredible offers, some of which I predict will rival this year's Black Friday discounts. Some of the furniture is reduced by over 50%, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Whether you're looking to redecorate your bedroom, uplift your dining room, or cultivate a smart home office, this is the place to start.

Living Room Deals

A luxury living room with a navy wall

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Living rooms were made for lounging and, with the help of Ashley's Labor Day deals, you can bring luxury to your living room for much less money. Some of these products are their hottest deals, so make sure the opportunity doesn't pass you buy.

Dining Room Deals

luxury dining room with wooden floors

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Eating with friends or family is a special occasion, so it's worth cultivating a quality space in which you can enjoy it. All of these tables look premium and suit different décors. From an exposed wood top to a high table, there's a space in your house for all of these styles.

Bedroom Deals

An Effie bed and dresser in a modern bedroom

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The bedroom is where we start and finish our days. It's a sacred space that deserves some indulgence. Investing in a quality bed and dresser can seem daunting, especially with the price, but Ashley has some incredible reductions.

Home Office Deals

Light home office with wooden floors and a rug

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Creating a separate space for work in your home is crucial for your wellbeing. I spent a long time resisting buying a good desk and now that I have one at home, I don't know why I wasted any time. Adjustable desks are my weak spot. Reduced adjustable desks are like a dream for me.

Outdoor Furniture Deals

outdoor sheltered dining area

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Labor Day is when lots of retailers reduce their outdoor furniture, so it's the best time to pick up some outdoor luxuries for less. These all look premium, but without the high price tag to match. I selected my top three favorites, but there's plenty more outdoor furniture at incredible prices.


When is Labor Day?

Labor Day will fall on Monday, September 4 this year. It's not far away and there are already some incredible deals dropping.

How big are Labor day sales?

At Ashley, some of the sales are up to 50%. I've even seen products at almost a third of the price. Not all Labor day deals are this good, so Ashley is the place to shop for furniture.

Should I buy furniture on Labor Day or Black Friday?

Black Friday is the best time to grab a good discount. However, Labor Day falls at the end of summer when lots of companies need to get rid of their summer styles. It could be better than Black Friday if you're shopping for outdoor furniture.

Final Thoughts

Not all retailers will have discounts as large as Ashley's and their sale has already started. There are some incredible opportunities to buy luxury furniture to uplift your home. If you're being savvy, I would recommend taking a deep dive into the outdoor furniture, because that's where some of the best discounts are. However, the best deals at Ashley are the ones that I've found for you already.

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