Carrie Underwood's closet teaches us all a lesson in streamlined storage – and it may make laundry easier

The singer's storage system offers a lesson in clothes (and shoe) organization – here's what professional organizers think

Carrie Underwood
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Country icon Carrie Underwood has designed her 'forever home' in Franklin, Tennessee – complete with a 400-acre farm, cream-colored living room, and a chef's-style kitchen in the center of the $3 million estate. 

Despite all its verdant beauty and enviable interiors, however, there is one feature we can all replicate in our homes – and it comes in the shape of her closet. Inevitably, the space offers much to be admired (especially for the fashion enthusiasts among us) – but we're taking notes on Carrie's closet in ways beyond her possessions. 

Enter the singer's closest organization ideas that are a hit with professional organizers for a good reason. White, floor-to ceiling-shelves surround the room – filled with color-coordinated shoes and lots of clothes that circle a washer-dryer. This is a seemingly perfect place to take care of laundry – making it easy to wash and put away the clothes. 

'Carrie’s shoe storage must make life so much easier,' says Interiors Therapy expert Suzanne Roynon. 'She can see exactly what she has, and by color coordinating her footwear, she can locate the perfect pair without having to think about it. Setting up a closet in the way which works best for the lifestyle is the user works wonders.'

Suzanne Roynon
Suzanne Roynon

Suzanne is a specialist Interiors Therapy Expert and author of Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationshipavailable on Amazon. She has spent over 25 years in corporate and charity roles, using her ability as a therapist and public speaker to help people understand their relationship with their homes and possessions.

Carrie's closet storage aside (for a moment, at least), Suzanne also notes the washing machine's placement – adding that this arrangement is surprisingly beneficial for bedroom feng shui

'What I love about Carrie Underwood's closet, aside from applauding the floor-to-ceiling storage, is the washing machine and dryer. It's something I'd always choose to have upstairs in a home because it makes such perfect sense, but I've never seen it positioned in a closet before,' Suzanne says. 

Carrie Underwood

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'One of the challenges in Feng Shui is where to locate the laundry, so it has minimal impact on the well-being of the household or the nine critical areas of life. Carrie's solution is time-saving and practical and ensures she doesn't compromise her wealth, relationship, or fame energy by storing dirty laundry in one of those feng shui areas.'

Home organizing is personal  – and, of course, what works well for Carrie might not be feasible in every room (especially if you're working with a small closet space). However, the idea of well-lit, floor-to-ceiling storage (where possible) and perfectly-placed appliances (again, where possible) – deserves to be replicated far beyond Tennessee.

'The priority with both interiors therapy and feng shui is to create a positive flow of energy by fine-tuning a home – so it works with the occupant and supports them every step of the way,' Suzanne says. 'If Carrie feels fabulous every time she steps into her closet, then that's what matters most.'

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Smart laundry room storage ideas are essential for ensuring a utility room functions with ease, so perhaps it is time to take yours upstairs, like Carrie. 

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