Best places to buy washer dryers in 2024

These retailers stock the very best laundry appliances for all your clothes washing and drying needs

A washer dryer combo in a kitchen
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A great washer dryer can make all the difference to how your clothes look and feel and how long they last. Apart from your fridge, your washer-dryer combo is likely to be your biggest appliance investment, but the expense is truly worth it. From preserving the colors of the fabrics to caring for delicates, modern washing machines and dryers can do an amazing job at making your clothes look their best. 

Moreover, choosing the best possible washer dryer combination will take your laundry room ideas to the next level. The best places to buy a washer and dryer on our list stock stackable designs, small-space washer dryer options, and bespoke ranges that allow you to truly maximize the potential of the space you have in your laundry room. Not to mention that all of these retailers are the best places to buy appliances in general, and have a wide choice of freestanding buys, great customer service, and convenient delivery options.  

Best places to buy washer dryers

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These stores are the best places to buy washer dryers, including combination appliances and individual washers and dryers.

1. Lowe's

A washer dryer in a wood paneled laundry room

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Available at: Lowe's

Lowe's is the best place to buy washers and dryers, whatever your requirements. From Samsung to Bosch and from Hotpoint to LG, all major brands are stocked. However, where Lowe's really comes into its own is when you need a more unusual option such as a small or portable washing machine or a stackable design for a narrow space. Lowe's is also known for great customer service and stocking spare parts, in case you want to try repairing your washer or dryer yourself.

2. Best Buy

Known for: Appliances, electronics, home and furniture

Available atBest Buy

One of our all-time favorites, Best Buy offers one of the easiest and most convenient shopping experiences of any major appliance retailer. Firstly, the delivery comes with an unboxing service, so it is ready for you to install, or you can take advantage of the full delivery and hook-up service. 

Next, there's the company's famed Geek Squad, which is a team of experts trained in troubleshooting and repairing appliances by all the major brands, which makes resolving any issues with your new washer dryer so much easier. 

3. The Home Depot

Washer dryer combo in a bright modern laundry room

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Known for: Home Decor, furniture, DIY, appliances

Available at: The Home Depot

Choosing a new washer dryer at The Home Depot is very easy, thanks to an intuitive landing page that allows you to navigate to the appliance type you need. If you really know your washer dryer specs, then this is the website that will give you the most comprehensive detail on energy efficiency, performance, and extra features. There's a professional installation service, although be aware that they will charge you for removing your old washer. 

4. Appliances Connection

A washer dryer combo in a traditional kitchen

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Known for: Appliances

Available at: Appliances Connection

As an appliance-focused retailer, Appliances Connection offers washer dryer brands that you may not find at other websites. We like the fact that they stock affordable washer dryer brands like Amana and Beko as well as higher-end offerings by Samsung and Miele. There's a dedicated section for stacked laundry centers, too.

5. Wayfair

A washing machine in a bright traditional kitchen

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Known for: Home decor, furniture, outdoor, appliances

Available at: Wayfair

If you want a curated selection of washer dryers, head to Wayfair. The retailer doesn't have the widest selection of models, but what it does stock is just that little bit more unusual. We especially like that Wayfair stocks colorful front-loading washing machines by Equator. These washers have advanced sanitizing and anti-allergen features, too, so they're not just about the cool look. 

6. AJ Madison

A stacked laundry set in an artificialy lit laundry room

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Known for: Washer dryers, kitchen appliances, air conditioning

Available at: AJ Madison

If you need a washer dryer combo to realize the most sophisticated laundry room idea, AJ Madison is the place to shop. The retailer stocks the most advanced models and stackable configurations by Miele, LG, and Samsung. The retailer regularly runs promotions, too, so you can get a good deal on a high-end washer-dryer combo. 

7. Sears

Known for: Home decor, furniture, electronics, appliances

Available at: Sears

A physical Sears store is worth seeking out if you want to meet your new washer dryer in person before you buy it. While  Sears stores are not as common as they once were, they're still around and stock all major washer dryer brands. If you end up buying online, there are financing options and delivery options to suit your schedule.  

8. ABT

Known for: Appliances, TVs, furniture

Available at: ABT

If you want to make sure you're buying your new washer and dryer from a company with appliance expertise, you're in good hands with ABT. One of the first things you notice when clicking on their website is the opportunity to chat to a highly experienced appliance specialist. ABT can help with everything from choosing your new appliance to troubleshooting. We also like that you can get all your laundry accessories here as well as your appliances. 

9. PC Richard & Son

Known for: Appliances, mattresses, electronics, TVs

Available at: PC Richard & Son

Although PC Richard & Son only operates in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, if you live in those areas the retailer is worth seeking out. It's legendary for friendly customer service and an exhaustive selection of appliances. If you want the latest Miele washer or that brand-new Samsung dryer model that hasn't become available elsewhere yet, PC Richard & Son will probably have it. A reliable and dedicated appliance retailer.

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