Elisabeth Moss's living room features the most on-trend color of the moment – and it's the most tasteful version yet

The Handmaid's Tale actress exhibits an understated twist on 2023's bravest trend – and her choice will stand the test of time

Elisabeth Moss
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Actress Elisabeth Moss was recently nominated for an Emmy for her role in The Handmaid's Tale – but while she is currently best associated with television – her home leans more toward the movie industry. Most notably, subtly paying homage to one of 2023's biggest pictures. 

Even prior to its release, Greta Gerwig's Barbie made waves in the fashion and interiors world – most significantly in the shape of Barbiecore – the unapologetically vibrant design trend that, in all its fun and flirtatiousness, is a minimalist's nightmare. There are, however, some ways to embrace the Barbiecore movement without gambling with your overall room color scheme – and that involves looking to pastels.

In her living room (below), Elisabeth is pictured on an understated pastel pink sofa in her otherwise neutral space. With its soft blushing hues, the piece is not audacious enough to identify as totally Barbiecore inspired – but it does allow us to have just the right amount of fun with the hue of the moment. 

Alongside the staple sofa, Elisabeth has discreetly dressed the room with pink furnishings, including a light pink fruit bowl filled with her accessories and (what appears to be) a circular glass pink candle. 

The space has fun with pink without dedicating the entire scheme to the cause – something to note as the trend shows no signs of wavering this season. And Karen Rohr, a designer from Mackenzie Collier Interiors, agrees. 

'Despite its playful nature, Barbiecore can actually be quite versatile,' she says. 'First, opt for light and airy colors like pale pink... feel free to use any shade of pink to work around your existing color palette, if any.'

Karen Rohr
Karen Rohr

Karen is a senior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, an award-winning interior design team based in Arizona, servicing both residential and commercial clients, coast to coast. Since graduating with a degree in Architecture from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, she gained her position at Mackenzie Collier, where she works on architectural proposals and designs or a range of clients.

Alongside decorating with pink, Karen adds that we can elegantly experiment with Barbiecore further by adding details like ruffles, lace, or even quietly luxurious finishes, such as gold. 

'Keep in mind this is an excellent opportunity to have fun with your accessories. Get creative with your picture frames, lampshades, and throw pillows. The goal is to create a space that feels fun and inviting.'

velvet pink armchair and red velvet footstool with floorstanding lamp

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'This is a trend that celebrates feminine beauty, and incorporating this in interior design can go a few different ways, and as with any trend, I'll never recommend going way too literal, but we can have fun with small details,' the designer adds. 

We're starting with these Elisabeth-inspired buys (including the all-important) sofa below. 

While shades of pink are extremely versatile and have been a popular choice in interiors for centuries. However, if pink is just a little too feminine for you, try peach instead. 

‘Peach also has a clear connection with nature and represents a set of shades ranging from a light orange pink to a yellow-hued orange,’ says Sarah Lloyd, senior brand manager at Valspar. ‘It is often used as a neutral shade instead of beige and warm whites. Encouraging light into a space, enriching it with calming yet refreshing energy, peach pink is great for a snug, bedroom or study.’

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