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Emily Henderson reveals her fall style secrets – for updating your home this season

Her seasonal decorating tips are sustainable and stylish

living space decorated for fall
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The new season is the perfect excuse to shake things up in our homes and fall back in love with our living spaces. From rich-toned seasonal blooms taking center stage on coffee tables to gorgeous velvet throw pillows and layered blankets, living room fall decor is all about comfort.

Interior designer Emily Henderson has shared her two easy tips for updating your home for fall. According to Emily, lighting and bringing the inside out are the first steps towards stylish fall decorating.

Armchair positioned by a fireplace in a dark purple room

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Set the mood with lighting

'Ambience is key, and starts with lighting. Think string and fairy lights,' says Emily.

'Not only will they light the way and tell guests where to gather, but they will create a golden ambience that welcomes them to stay and enjoy. As the weather changes, also think about adding fireplaces, heat lamps and candles for extra light and warmth,' she adds.

Outdoor string lights from Amazon are a fuss-free way to add cozy lighting, and can be used indoors or out. As backyard ideas go, you can't get much easier than hanging up a set of festoon lights on a fence or pergola, that will start to glow as the evening grows darker.

blue dining room decorated for fall

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As much as we love to add texture with blankets, rugs and throw pillows, multiple, sophisticated living room lighting ideas will really elevate a room. A crackling fire or outdoor heater will always help to create a convivial space to enjoy with friends and family when the temperature drops.

Bring the inside out

'While there are lots of disposable party items available,' says Emily, 'bringing your indoor dishes, furniture, and textiles (like blankets) outside makes an outdoor party feel special and is far better for the planet.'

If you're hosting this fall, take a leaf out of Emily's book and consider ways of bringing what you already have inside, and using it out of doors. Moving an armchair or table out into the backyard for get-togethers blurs the boundary between our interior and exterior.

fall tone throw pillows and throw resting on a pink ottoman

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Existing pieces of furniture, textiles and tableware will complement your best outdoor furniture – just remember to bring everything back in again.

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