5 greenhouse trends set to be big in 2020, according to experts

From contemporary architectural designs to wellness and 'lifestyle' greenhouses...

Are you a keen gardener who spends more time in the greenhouse than your main house? If you're considering upgrading your garden go-to, you might want to read up on the top greenhouse trends for 2020 before you do.

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Historic greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has its finger on the pulse when it comes to how gardeners and homeowners are using greenhouses, and which designs and styles are most in vogue.

With its entire product range endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, and having created its beautiful made-to-order horticultural buildings for over 80 years, the Lancashire-based company knows a thing or two about greenhouse trends. Green fingered? This one is for you.


Greenhouse trends

(Image credit: Hartley Botanics)

We will see more greenhouses and glasshouses in UK gardens with a contemporary or architectural look. Greenhouse ownership is becoming far more diverse and the image of greenhouse gardening is changing, ushering in additional, less traditional greenhouse consumers.

This is partly down to a consumer zeitgeist which has made grow your own of the moment (thanks to environmental and health concerns), but is also being driven by a more design-led approach to gardening in general.

An increasing number of greenhouse owners are seeing the value of displaying their colourful and intricate plants in structures that offer cleaner lines and larger windows. Tom Barry, managing director of Hartley Botanic said: ' There is definitely a sense that the appreciation homeowners have for design inside their homes is now moving into their gardens too. Their greenhouses may have a functional purpose but customers also have a very clear design aesthetic with contemporary and architectural styles more popular than ever.'


Greenhouse trends

(Image credit: Hartley Botanics)

In terms of colour palette, 2020 will see a move away from greenhouses in light grey and light stone tones, to more darker graphite shades. Tom Barry said: 'Heritage greenhouse colours such as forest green and white will always be very popular, but for those opting for a more contemporary look, grey tones will definitely become much darker.'


Greenhouse trends

(Image credit: Hartley Botanics)

'Over the last three years the average size of structures we have been selling has increased and we expect this to continue into 2020,' says Tom Barry. A trend for larger greenhouses and glasshouses has been influenced by the fact that customers are increasingly using their greenhouses for both horticultural requirements and other ‘lifestyle’ uses. Tom continued: 'The vast majority of our customers are using their greenhouses for horticultural reasons, as you would expect – for growing edibles, raising seedlings etc.

'However, many customers, who are still serious gardeners, are using their greenhouses in a more multifaceted way. We do see customers introducing living, relaxation, dining and lifestyle elements into their greenhouse use. Most commonly however, we are seeing a trend for greenhouses to be used for al fresco dining and as a space for morning and evening relaxation.'

Indeed, greenhouse trends 2020 will see an increasingly diverse range of consumers take up glasshouse ownership. The burgeoning greenhouse market amongst families with young children will continue to grow, driven by concerns around air miles, food provenance and organic production – along with the educational benefit of teaching kids about food. A trend for secondary ‘lifestyle’ uses will also add to the breadth of the greenhouse consumer, as they are purchased for a whole host of reasons, in addition to traditional gardening.


Greenhouse trends

(Image credit: Hartley Botanics)

In 2020, greenhouse owners will be blending classic, nostalgic looks and styles with modern innovation. Although many greenhouse owners love the classic look of a period glasshouse (the Victorian range is still Hartley Botanic’s most popular) they are keen to combine this style with the latest technology to save time and reduce cleaning requirements.

'We will be seeing greenhouse structures that look like they are from the 19th century, but which have engineering and design features firmly embedded in the 21st,' says Tom. 'Think a classic Victorian glasshouse with ornate finial cresting and decorative spandrels but with self-cleaning glass and automatic roof vents.'


Greenhouse trends

(Image credit: Hartley Botanics)

The benefits of getting out into nature are well-documented, but in 2020 we will see gardeners investing in greenhouses as a way to help maximise the mental wellness potential of their gardens.

A greenhouse can offer a sanctuary in which to switch off from the pressure of modern life, rest and regenerate, relax, paint, read, and connect with nature by growing plants, flowers, fruits and herbs.

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