How to create an Easter flower arrangement

Try this easy step by step to create an elegant Easter flower arrangement

Easter flower arrangement

Easter flower arrangements are always welcome, reminding us that winter is over and the new, happiest of seasons has started. So, whether you are inviting guests over for the holidays or simply want to brighten your home, why not try this foraged floral arrangement? 

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'You can pick cow parsley on a walk, they are about to burst into lovely clouds of white,' explain the experts at Kitten Grayson Flowers. 'It is all about bringing what is growing outside into your home and on to your table. Back in November, we planted many different varieties of narcissi and now they are flowering. 

'We have lifted them out of the ground and planted them up into pots, to bring them into the house and place on our table for Easter, mixed with bud vases of narcissi and cow parsley, and quail eggs and candles for the table. 

'You can achieve this look really easily with what you have in your back yard. You do not need too many ingredients to make an impact.'

How to make an Easter flower arrangement

Kitten Grayson

This easy Easter craft idea was created with foraged finds, but you can choose your favorite spring blooms from a florist or garden center to create yours.

You can even choose colors that match your Easter table's color scheme to create a coordinated look.

1. Pot up the narcissi

easter flower arrangement

If you do not have any pots at home to pot up your narcissi you can use any other vessels you have in the house. A beautiful bowl for example, or any round vessel. Just make sure to add a bit of grit for drainage in the bottom. It is a lovely way to bring the outside in.

2. Try an alternative potting approach

Another option is to wash the soil off the narcissi bulb, to place them in a clear vase with some water so that you can also admire the bulb and roots as well as the bloom.

3. Add tulips to the mix

You can also do all of this with tulips if you have them in your garden. To do this next year you can plant them in November to enjoy them in time for Easter.

4. Add bud vases

Bud vases are extremely effective in creating an abundant tablescape. Use bud vases of different heights and place 2-4 stems in each.

5. Cut stems to create an overall shape

Cut the stems at different heights to give more interest, shape and movement to each bud vase.

6. Freshen water

Make sure to re-cut the stems of your flowers and change the water every couple of days to make your bud vases last as long as possible.

7. Add quails' eggs

We love decorating with quails' eggs – they create lovely small accents on the table. You can get beautiful ones online, for example from Etsy or any grocer.

8. Add fruit and veg

You can also use vegetables to decorate the table – for example rhubarb, cabbages and artichokes.

9. Candles are a must!

They make a table feel warm and welcoming and create beautiful shadows in the evening. Use tapered candles of different heights to create interest and add tea lights too.

10. Layer the table

easter flower arrangement

Put down your favorite tablecloth and use additional fabric to create a runner on top. You can also use vintage scarves and layer these on top of one another.

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