Zoey 102's Jamie Lynn Spears created a 'five-star hotel' bedroom with this one powerful tool

The actress' bedroom has an unmistakable hotel aura – but it's equally approved by science. Here's why

Jamie Lynn Spears
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The rumors are true, Zoey 101 is coming back – in the shape of Zoey 102 – and Jamie Lynn Spears is, once again, one of the most talked about people in Hollywood. 

However, away from LA's bustle, Jamie Lynn lives a quieter, rural life – recently in Tennessee and Louisiana – where she recharges in a bedroom that, experts say, is not dissimilar to a five-star hotel. The key? Jamie's bedroom color scheme – or, more specifically, her blue paint choices – creates the boutique ambiance that is so associable with the world's best hotels.

The actress, who will play Zoey 102's protagonist, shared a glimpse inside the deep-blue painted space on Instagram – where she has paired this soothing shade with subtle pink bedding and a gold bedside lamp. However, hotel aesthetic aside, experts say this hue benefits our sleeping pattern and well-being, too. 

Jamie Lynn Spears

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'Color is an essential way to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel. It plays a vital role in affecting our mood as we wind down at the end of the day,' says Joanna Ross, the manager of the bedding brand Sheridan. The color she recommends? A calming blue, much like the one Jamie Lynn showcases above.

'Blue is one of the most popular colors for bedrooms. It can have a positive effect on mood as it connects us to a blue sky or ocean found in nature, which helps us to feel relaxed,' Joannasays. 

'Whether you add a dark blue accent wall or incorporate a blue textured quilt cover, the color blue is known to help calm the mind and produce a feeling of tranquillity – and who isn't looking for some of this before going to sleep at night.'

As Joanna explains, blue evokes a sense of harmony, similar to what we might expect from a well-designed hotel – likely leading to better sleep overall. But how exactly does this work? Pediatric and adult sleep coach, Kaley Medina, expands further. 

Feng Shui bedroom colors blue bedroom

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'The color blue is associated with serenity and has a wonderful calming and relaxing effect. It evokes visions of the sky and the ocean. Soft and light blue colors are non-stimulating, which can help your body produce melatonin,' Kaley says. 

Kaley Medina
Kaley Medina

Kaley Medina is a Dallas-based sleep coach and the founder of Live Love Sleep, the nation's leading Pediatric and adult sleep coaching agency. Kaley primarily partners with families worldwide and teaches healthy sleep habits to newborns, infants, children, and adults.

'Melatonin is the hormone in our bodies that makes us naturally sleepy with the rise and fall of the sun. And it is exactly what our body needs in the evening to get tired when bedtime arrives. So, you can add blue to your bedroom walls, bedding, or decor to create that feeling of serenity.'

On the subject of the best luxury bedding, however, we can't help but take a moment for Jamie Lynn Spears' dusty pink choice that pairs effortlessly with her blue paint choices. We're shopping this similar pick below.

Gingerlily Windsor Coverlets | $880.00 at Bloomingdale's

Gingerlily Windsor Coverlets | $880.00 at Bloomingdale's

In the beautiful Vintage Pink colorway, this quilt and pillow are similar to the set seen on Jamie Lynn Spears's bed. It pairs especially well with blue walls, naturally.

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