London sees huge surge in online paint sales during lockdown

Searches for buying paint online increased 212.5% in the last three weeks...

As we're all currently spending most of our time at home, focus has, inevitably, turned to how we can give our interiors an easy refresh. And, according to Lick Home, we're turning our attention to our walls.

The brand new online home decor store says that, since the lockdown, there's been a spike in paint sales and Google searches, particularly in London.

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According to Google Trends, data from early April shows that searches of buying paint online surged 212.5% in the last three weeks. So what is it that we're looking for, and why is paint the DIY search du jour?

Tash Bradley, colour specialist at Lick, gives us an insight to the colours that are trending and why paint's a great place to start your home decor makeover.

Lick Home

Hallway decorated with Lick Orange 01.
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'The big trend right now is definitely green,' says Tash. 'What’s not to like about it? It brings the outdoors into your home, it’s energetic, positive, luscious and makes you feel happier and closer to nature. In terms of shades, light green has an uplifting effect, while dark green is more comforting.'

She added: 'Generally, we are seeing people go bolder with colour choices. They want to be more daring and want rich, saturated colours to express themselves. Earthy tones are in style, too - think deep terracotta red (such as our Red 03) or soft sage green (Green 02).

'From our community on social media, we can see that people are mostly interested in greens, blues and pinks right now.'

Lick Home

Study decorated with Lick Green 05.
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And what about neutrals? 'We're noticing a shift away from cool grey, with more yellow based neutrals,' says Tash. 'Beige is making a comeback as the perfect base colour to build upon - embrace those warm neutrals and layer with soft accent colours.'

Tash says that as we head into spring, many people are focusing on decorating new spaces and garden rooms, explaining: 'In terms of spaces, it seems there’s a big focus on renovating extensions and conservatories at the moment.'


Although hardware stores have been deemed 'essential' during the lockdown, it's not always straight forward, due to issues like limited stock, logistical problems, and increased demand - knock-on effects of the coronavirus. Dulux has temporarily suspended orders, while B&Q has limited stock. You can still order online at Wickes with slightly longer lead times and website wait queues, while you can order as usual at Graham & Brown and Little Greene;Farrow & Ball is operating with an extended lead time of 14 to 21 days dues to high demand.

Another option is newly-launched Lick Home, an online store that is delivering samples, paint, wallpaper and supplies next day, as usual. There's a carefully curated list of just 49 paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs, making it easy to choose your colour fast.

Tash says: 'All deliveries are through DHL, who are not handing packages over directly - they will, instead, leave them on the doorstep and knock on the door to maintain social distancing standards.

'We also offer video colour consultations, providing expert advice and recommendations to help you choose your colour. The whole experience with Lick can be done from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to transform your property without having to leave it!'

Living room decorated in Lick Pink 02.
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Everyone currently has more time on their hands than usual, which naturally means we lean towards the jobs we have pushed to the bottom of our list.

Tash says: 'Decorating really is simpler than people think and with the right tools and advice, anyone can do it. We are offer tutorials and how-to guides on our social platforms, which really help give people the confidence to decorate themselves at home.'

She adds: 'With people spending more time indoors, some without access to the outdoors, they are craving a new environment. As we cannot always seek this outside of the home, we turn to changing our home instead - painting the walls a different colour can give a new perspective and help you feel as though you’re in a new place. Colour plays a huge part in people’s emotions, changing the colour of your walls is a very easy way to bring individuality and joy.'

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