Plant trends 2021 – these plant predictions are shaping our gardens

We talked to the trend experts to find out what outdoor plant trends will be big in 2021

Plant trends
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Already thinking about the garden? Us, too. The new outdoor plant trends for 2021 sees an abundance of color, fragrance and foliage. 

The idea that there are trends in the land of gardening, vis à vis those in the fashion world, feels slightly wide of the mark. Things do not happen in a wholesale fashion overnight or in a week or two in horticulture, and rarely in garden design. 

How often do you see garden nurseries selling out of a particular plant one weekend? Very rarely, sadly, of course, for the nurseries and the landscaping merchants. But it is a practical response. We do not change our gardens just like that.

No, trends in the gardening world are a very different beast. We like to see things grow and to take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labours, which means that in the gardening world, any theme – trend – will naturally take its time to appear and unless it is particularly outlandish or impractical, it will usually stay around for quite some time. 

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Look forward to an abundance of color as Andy Miller, Head Gardener at Haddonstone tells us which outdoor plants will be trending for 2021.

1. Verbena bonariensis

Plant trends

These unique plants are best suited at the back of a border as they grow to around 5 feet in height. The blue/purple flowering blooms from mid summer to late autumn. 

As the push to attract more wildlife to our gardens continues, this plant is a great pollinator for bees and other insects, and sways in the light breeze. They're also grown very easily from seed in compost or soil.

2. Allium 'universe'

plant trends

(Image credit: Douglas Gibb)

Plants with colorful foliage will continue to be attractive in 2021, like this one. These are absolutely stunning purple rounded flower heads which bloom in late spring. They're great in pots and planters, as well as grown in borders. They give good height and color to any planting scheme.

3. Lavandula angustifolia 'English lavdender'

plant trends

These are grown in pots/planters and will typically be used in the front of garden borders. They're perfect for all year round in 2021, with evergreen blue and silver foliage, and blossom into deep blue flowers by mid-summer. 

There's a lot of focus right now on how we can attract more bees to our gardens, and English Lavender is a magnet for bees to pollinate!

4. Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm'

plant trends

This large, daisy-like deep yellow flower heads have a black centre to them, and their aesthetic makes them ideal summer flowering this year. We'll see them more this year as they're so eye-catching in a border or cluster.

5. Miscanthus sinensis 'cosmopolitan' grass

plant trends

(Image credit: Nicola Stocken)

With stripes of white and green arching stems, and silver/pink tassels forming later in the summer season, the Miscanthus sinesis is striking and makes a calming, rustling sound in light breeze. The grass is also good all year round, to use in a border or large pot.

6. Lonicera x Americana 'common honey suckle'

Plant trends

As vertical gardening comes into mainstream, this plant is ideal for walls or trellis. The plant is sweet-scented, and almost orange-like. Flowering from early summer to autumn, the white flowers turn a deep yellow with a slight tinge of purple on the tips.

7. Amelanchier canadensis 'serviceberry'

This tree keeps on giving. As spring approaches, this tree looks stunning with its creamy white flowers. A great tree to plant if you're looking to help the environment, and perfect for those with a smaller garden, as they only grow to around 20 feet.


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