Sleep experts warn against painting your bedroom these colors – here's why

Your paint palette may be impacting your sleep – this is what you should choose instead

Beige bedroom with colored accessorises
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The study of color and its relationship to our wellbeing is one that remains ever-present. This interest has surged over recent seasons, but none more so than in the bedroom where it can not only impact our mood, but our sleep patterns too.

If you're looking for tips on how to sleep better, the key could be in your bedroom color ideas. It can be easy to follow current color trends – including optimistic yellows and harmonious beige. However, a recent study has revealed that some tones are better left away from your bedroom walls. 

The study* surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to discover that yellow, brown, and beige are the three worst colors for your bedroom. However, despite its placement, beige was the second most popular wall color amongst respondents. But why should we avoid these hues? Here, we take a look at the science behind the paint trend

Why should you avoid yellow and beige in the bedroom? 

Beige bedroom with colored accessorises

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'When it comes to our sleep environments, color can play a role in how stimulated we are and how we feel as we turn the lights off to sleep,' says Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers. He explains that, while yellow-hues have cheerful connotations, these tones are equally intense and stimulate your creativity when you're trying to rest. 

Lee adds that prolonged exposure to these tones can 'create feelings of irritation and anxiety. 'This can impact sleep quality and quantity, leaving you feeling less than sunny in the morning,' he says. 

Which color should you use instead?  

Beige bedroom with colored accessorises

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The study revealed that purple and blue were revealed as the colors that lead to the most restful night's sleep – after only just 12% of respondents with purple walls had a bad night's sleep. 

But with a rich selection of purple room ideas available, which is best for your sleep schedule? Lee recommends choosing a 'less vibrant shade' that will encourage you to destimulate and switch off.

'Lilac is perfect for promoting a relaxed, serene wind down and a place to feel at peace, no matter how stressful your day has been,' he says. 

Benjamin Moore African Violet

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Sleep expert and writer Christine Lapp also recommends choosing a bluer shade of purple rather than a pinker tint. 

'Blue was the second-best paint color for sleep, known for its soothing and calming properties, whereas pink tends to be the color best suited for inducing creativity, exciting the brain, rather than winding it down,' she explains. 

Yes, you may have already invested in the best mattress – but a good nights sleep comes down to the right color palette. This season, we're only experimenting with bedroom paint ideas with psychological approval. 

*Survey conducted by Sleep Junkie

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