AeroPress has just released 5 new colorful coffee makers – I want one for every kind of drink

I need green for my matcha, black for my charcoal coffee, red for my beetroot latte...

AeroPress clear coffee maker in the new color range, which covers green, purple, black, blue, and red
(Image credit: AeroPress)

AeroPress has a lot of well-deserved praise online. The brand produces portable coffee makers that deliver on delicious, specialty coffee flavors. You'll know their Original model and will probably have also seen pictures of the XL and the Go. Now, they've released something a little more eye-catching.

AeroPress has launched five new colors of their Clear coffee maker range. You can now choose between green, purple, black, blue, and red. These have the same credentials as the original Clear model (which I think is one of the best coffee makers on the market) but with a splash of color thrown in too.

Last time AeroPress launched a colorful pink version of their iconic coffee maker, it sold out almost immediately. I've got all the details of these beautiful coffee makers, as well as some tips on how to use your AeroPress and the globally recognized Ultimate AeroPress recipe. Here's everything you need to know.

What are the different colored AeroPresses and why have they launched them?

AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker in purple

(Image credit: AeroPress)

If you're an AeroPress fan, you might remember the AeroPress clear pink, which sold out before even I could get my hands on one. As a result of popular demand, the brand has now released a range of color options. There's more to their choices than you might think.

'This is the first time AeroPress has released a full lineup of colors, giving coffee lovers the ability to add a little style to their kitchen or travels,' said David Cole, AeroPress CMO. 'With gifting season for moms, dads and grads in full swing, AeroPress Clear Colors arrive just in time for that perfect, thoughtful gift.'

The team recommends matching your AeroPress with the kinds of coffee you drink. If you are on the charcoal coffee hype, opt for the clear black. If you like a morning matcha, the green AeroPress is a great choice. 

'In a sea of sameness, AeroPress Clear Colors, made of crystal-clear, shatterproof Tritan™, deliver on the brand's commitment to providing functional yet stylish solutions," said AeroPress CEO Gerard Meyer. "Our coffee makers have a passionate fanbase; the sleek design and colors are unlike anything they've previously seen and will allow them to proudly collect and display them at home or on the go.'

Where can I get one?

The different accessories that you'll get with the AeroPress

(Image credit: AeroPress)

You can pick up one of the AeroPress Clear Colors for $49.95 on AeroPress' website. Keep an eye on Amazon too, since these will be launching on there in the next few months. I'll update you when I see them appear on there.

What did we think of the AeroPress clear?

AeroPress coffee maker in blue

(Image credit: AeroPress)

The beauty of these colorful coffee makers still boasting some transparency is that you can still see your coffee grounds and crema. You can keep an eye on your coffee brewing, checking on its progress, making sure that you're pressing your coffee grounds correctly.

I recently tested the clear version of these colorful models and gave it my barista's seal of approval. The smart design delivers specialty flavors at the press of a cylinder. I use mine every single day, even in preference to my espresso machine, because I don't wake the whole house up early in the morning and I can still enjoy delicious flavors.

The clear boasts a 3-in-1 patented design, which makes delicious coffee on the go. It's easy to use and clean up, so I love it as part of my busy lifestyle.

If you want more of my thoughts, you can read my full AeroPress review here.


What's the difference between all the AeroPresses?

Each AeroPress coffee maker is designed to suit a different coffee drinker. Here's a quick guide to them all:

AeroPress Original: sometimes, you can't beat the original model. This is the classic AeroPress that earned them their name. Functionally, it's almost the same as the Clear, except that the Clear is made from Tritan, a shatterproof material. You can also watch your coffee brew in the Clear.

AeroPress XL: if the whole house is enjoying AeroPress coffee, this is perfect. You get double the capacity (8 cups) with the same delicious flavors. Per cup, it's great value too.

AeroPress Go: a more compact option, the go is perfect for travelers who need minimal space and maximal taste. You get a microwaveable mug and lid that doubles up as a traveling case. 

AeroPress Clear: this is the brand's best-seller (and the one that's available in a range of colors). It has enough capacity for four cups of coffee.

What kind of coffee does an AeroPress make?

You can make a range of coffees in your AeroPress. I use mine to make espresso-style shots, but plenty of people make Americano, cold brews, and even lattes (you'll need a milk frother for that though).

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