I'm an interiors editor – these are the new house decor buys I will never regret investing in

The tried and tested decor that's come with me from home to home

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Moving home is such an exciting time. I am a bit of a moving addict actually, it comes with the territory of being a serial renter. I would get so excited about starting over with my interior design style, choosing new sheets, picking out new prints, and deciding what style of rug would suit my new place best.

And after years of moving, I have worked out what pieces are the most important. I have noticed what pieces come with from home to home, and what's made it out of the rentals and finally into my own space with me. 

Decor can come and go so quickly with interior trends, so it can be tricky investing in pieces for a new home that will stand the test of time. But as both a pro home mover and the Head of Design at Homes & Gardens, I feel equipped enough to share with you the new house decor buys I have never regretted buying. And yes, they are purely aesthetical decor, and of course, you want to be making practical investments like the best mattress, and good quality kitchen appliances too, but I think investing in decor is equally important when shopping for a new home.

What to buy for a new home

Moving into a new home can be a stressful time, so I do think it's important to allow yourself to get a bit excited about investing in new timeless pieces and treating yourself to decor that's going to instantly elevate your home and make the new space feel more like you. 

Some of these buys are ones I think have longevity and will stay with you move after move, but I've also pieces I think are key to making a house feel like a home and for me are the first things I pull out of the boxes when I get to a new space.

So there is my list of new home buys I think are essential. A mix of both investment pieces that every new home should have, and small items that you should treat yourself to to instantly make your space feel more like home. I will say when moving into a new home, do spend a bit of time in the space before buying anything new, the pieces I don't regret buying are ones I have mulled over, or have had a vision that I know I will love for years to come, not just panic bought because something is on trend or because I am desperate to fill a blank space.  

Hebe Hatton
Head of Inteiors

I am the Head of Interiors at Homes & Gardens. I started off in the world of journalism in fashion and luxury travel and then landed my first interiors role at Real Homes and have been in the world of interior design ever since. Prior to my role at H&G I was the digital editor at Livingetc, from which I took a sabbatical to travel in my self-converted van (not as glamorous as decorating a home, but very satisfying). A year later, and with lots of technical DIY lessons learnt I am back to writing and editing, sometimes even from the comfort of my home on wheels.