I'm a style editor, this is how I shop Amazon to find the chicest home decor

The Amazon spring sale is officially here, and as H&G’s style editor, I’m sharing all my top tips to help you navigate it like a pro and get the best possible deals

A selection of decor items from Amazon's spring 2024 sale
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I love a good sale and as of recently, I especially love a good Amazon sale. It's, perhaps surprisingly, become on of go-to's for the best home decor. While I’m well aware that Prime Day is the Amazon sale that gets all the attention, if you’re a decor lover, you’re seriously missing out if you aren’t aware of Amazon’s spring sale. It boasts deals for up to 40 percent off, and it’s just what you need to refresh your home with some new spring decor.

However, the best thing about an Amazon sale can also be the worst thing about an Amazon sale – the sheer number of items available can confuse anybody, and you don't always know if you are getting a good deal. Luckily for you, as H&G’s style editor, I’ve been figuring out how to scope out the best deals at sales like these for years now, and if I must say, I have it all pretty much down to a science at this point.

It would be unfair to hide these tips and tricks from you, so I’m sharing them all. Soon, you’ll be shopping like a style editor yourself and finding the best Amazon home decor in just a few clicks. 

A pink living room with tall built-in bookshelves, a white fireplace, and a collage of framed artwork

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1. Know which trends you’re looking for

With the sheer number of products available at Amazon’s spring 2024 sale, you can’t just keep scrolling away in your hunt to get the best deals. If you do that, trust me: You’ll be going nonstop for hours. This is why my best tip is to be strategic about your shopping. Know which interior design trends you’d like to focus on, and then look for products that represent those, using key search terms to find them. Think colors, eras, prints, styles, etc. And be specific. By having a starting point of a few different styles you want to shop, you’ll be able to plan more strategically and create a game plan for the frankly quite overwhelming Amazon sale pages. 

2. Make use of Amazon storefronts

Amazon has loads of the best designer storefronts available on their site, and shopping from them is the best way to make sure you’re getting reliable options. This is because these storefronts have been curated by the designers themselves (think Kelly Wearstler and Bobby Berk, just to name a few), and instead of looking through the entire website, you can just trust the experts. Brand storefronts are also a good way to ensure the items you’re buying are from the brand itself, and not a poorly-made version of a trendy piece.

3. Carefully consider reviews

Unfortunately, fakes or poorly made knockoffs can sometimes hit Amazon, and the best way to determine whether that’s the case is by reading reviews. Amazon allows for both ratings and reviews on all of its products, and if you look at both, you’ll be able to see whether a product is fake or not. While it’s not always a guarantee, most people will review or rate an item badly if it’s poor quality, and that’s usually an indicator that something isn’t quite right.

4. Take note of the pricing history

To make sure that you’re getting a good deal on a product (and not something that’s been on sale for ages because it just hasn’t been selling), I highly recommend looking at the item’s price history over time. 

My favorite tool is the website camelcamelcamel, which you can use by pasting the link of the item you’re enquiring about into the search bar of the site. From there, you can see the item's lowest recorded price, its average price, and how frequently the price fluctuates. So, if the price you see isn’t the lowest price (or not much below the average price), you’ll know it’s not actually a good deal, and you’ll likely be able to buy it for cheaper later on.

5. Be efficient

This might go without saying, but once you’ve figured out you have a great deal on your hands, I highly recommend purchasing immediately. With limited stock, tons of people trying to buy, and prices fluctuating all the time, you really never know how long a deal is going to last. While yes, you may see the same product at a much lower price later, there’s also a chance it could be higher… or even sold out. So in my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

My top picks from the Amazon spring sale

By following these tips I always find Amazon (especially during a sale) easier to navigate, but to make things even easier I am sharing with you what's in my basket right now too.  I also scoured the thousands of items on sale at Amazon right now and scooped out the ones that I think are worth buying. From the best bedding to my favorite set of melamine plates, I made sure to cover home decor and furniture alike for a comprehensive look at the best deals available at Amazon’s spring 2024 sale.

Shopping the Amazon spring 2024 sale can be very chaotic if you don't know what you're doing, but with my tips and suggestions, I’ve tried to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. Know what you’re looking for and have a plan—and if all else fails, just peruse my picks. You'll be sure to get a deal that you won't regret.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

Nikhita is the Style Editor for Homes & Gardens, making sure our home-savvy readers are always aware of the latest trends and deepening their knowledge of classic design. Nikhita graduated with her Master of Arts in Magazine Journalism from New York University, and has spent a decade in interior design and shopping roles at shelter publications ELLE DECOR and Domino Magazine.