Is the Kenwood kMix the next KitchenAid? An expert's review

Is this the newest, most iconic stand mixer yet?

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer on a countertop with a meringue in front of it
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Homes & Gardens Verdict

The kMix is a brilliant baking assistant. The speed range covers everything from hand mixing to speedy whisking. However, the attachments don't quite reach the bottom of the bowl, so you'll need the scraping tool on hand.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Feels premium

  • +

    Available in a range of colors

  • +

    Versatile power settings

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    High maintenance casing

  • -

    Doesn't quite reach the bottom

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There are plenty of people who will tell you that Kenwood makes better stand mixers than KitchenAid. It’s a controversial opinion and one that we debate within the kitchen team often, but the Kenwood kMix stand mixer is one of the best examples of Kenwood’s baking brilliance.

Undoubtedly, Kenwood's range of models are some of the best stand mixers on the market. They’re easy to use, neatly designed, and they come with thoughtful extras. The kMix, for example, has a soft bounce head, so it never throws all of its weight too far backward or forwards.

I put the Kenwood kMix to the test, using it to mix cake batters, beat frosting, whip cream, and knead bread dough. I’ve tested some of the best stand mixers on the market, so the bar was set high, but I think the Kenwood is a competitive model.


Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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Dimensions15.2 x 9.4 x 14 inches
Weight24 lbs
Power1,000 watts
Bowl capacity5l
AccessoriesK-beater, dough tool, whisk, spatula, splashguard


Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer unboxed on the countertop

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As is the case with most stand mixers, this comes in a big box with lots of packaging, some of it is recyclable, but there’s also plenty of polystyrene that will need to go in your garbage.

Once I had it all unboxed and stood on the countertop, the stand mixer looked slick. This is available in a range of different colors, which are designed to suit a range of households. I have my eye on the cream colorway, or the baby blue, but they're all beautiful.

Each stand mixer comes with a K beater, whisk, dough hook, scraper, and splash guard, which is everything you’ll need to make the most of your stand mixer. They all have a good weight to them. Not so much that they feel like you’re in the gym when you’re baking, but enough for these to feel like good quality.

Who would it suit?

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer on the countertop

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No stand mixer is small (except for the KitchenAid Artisan Mini), so you’ll need to be a keen baker who’s willing to dedicate some countertop space to your stand mixer. This Kenwood is a good mid-range model. It feels premium and comes with all the essential accessories, but you don’t have integrated weighing scales like some of Kenwood’s more advanced models do.

If you want a KitchenAid without having to spend as much money as the brand demands, this is a great model. I would use the word compromise, but that sounds too negative. The only thing you sacrifice with Kenwood is the iconic KitchenAid name. Even then, Kenwood comes with its own prestige.

What is it like to use?

Icing made in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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Everything about the Kenwood is intuitive. The head lifts up after you press a release button on the back of the machine. Then, the dial takes you through ten different speeds, which range from a slow hand mix to beyond speedy whipping. The bowl twists in and out of place too. It’s really beginner-friendly.

Aquafaba whisked in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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I tested the whisk attachment on two tasks. The one you can see in the image above is aquafaba (chickpea water). This is the tougher task of the two, but, these days, aquafaba is used in everything. I poured a can of chickpea water into the bowl and set the stand mixer running. It needed just over five minutes to get the thicker texture that you can see above. That's perfect for cakes, cookies, and meringues. I used the aquafaba in a cake mix (the section below) and it integrated well. The whisk had given it enough structure to make my cake light and fluffy: a true success.

The second, easier task that I gave our whisk was whipping up heavy cream. This was a quicker, smoother process. The kMix isn't loud, but when it was running for the aquafaba, my ears tired of hearing the noise. The heavy cream was whipped and airy in just over two minutes. I didn't put much in, so the bottom of the bowl was lightly covered. I didn't know if the whisk would achieve great results with such a small amount, but these were brilliant.

Mixing blueberries into the bake batter mix in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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A good test for the k-beater is making a cake. We can start by creaming together butter and sugar. This made light work of mixing the butter and sugar together. In a few minutes, the mix was lump-free and fluffy. Then, I added in the flour and aquafaba (that I whisked earlier), keeping the kMix running. The mix was glossy and well integrated. It looked like the perfect cake mix.

I wanted to make this a lemon and blueberry cake, so I added in some lemon zest, lemon juice, and whole blueberries. Adding in fruit normally requires gentle, hand-mixing. The k-beater, on the lowest speed was able to distribute blueberries throughout the whole batter.

I also tested the kMix on making lemon icing for the cake. This is a similar creaming task to the butter and sugar. I used the guard to add icing sugar, hoping to stop any clouds of icing from flying into the air. The kMix deftly and effectively worked my frosting into a light, fluffy, creamy spread. It was faultless.

Bread dough in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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The final test I put the kMix through was bread dough. I made an enriched dough for fruit buns, since this is stickier and much harder to work into a light, elastic ball when you're kneading by hand. The dough hook worked by enriched dough into a wonderful dough. It was springy, light, and ready in just six minutes.

I had to use the scraper to incorporate all of the flour from the bottom of the bowl into the dough, as the dough hook missed picking up some of the bits at the bottom. This was the case for all my mixes, but once you know to use the spatula, you get used to interrupting the kMix halfway through the process.

Cleaning, storage, and maintenance

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer attachments on a countertop

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The bowl and attachments are all dishwasher safe, so once I had finished my baking, I could put everything away without having to spend too much time near the sink. The highest maintenance part of the whole stand mixer is the shiny top. This easily marks with fingerprints, so it's worth keeping a microfiber cloth nearby. It'll ensure that your stand mixer is always sparkling clean.

The kMix is relatively big and quite heavy, although this is the case for most stand mixers. You'll need to be ready to clear some space in your cupboards or on your countertop for the kMix. It's worth it, but worth considering, especially if you have a small kitchen.

How does it rate online?

Creaming sugar and butter in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

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The kMix is one of Kenwood's most popular stand mixers. Kenwood markets it as one of the best stand mixers for home bakers, since it balances technical capabilities and power with a relatively compact design. As such, it's also a great buy for beginners. It's also easy to use and comes with clear instructions.

Reviewers all agreed that this is stylish and that it feels premium too. However, some felt that it was more expensive than is reasonable. I think it's worth it, especially since it comes with a ten year warranty.

How does it compare?

Icing made in the Kenwood kMix Stand Mix

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The most common comparison that people make is between the kMix and KitchenAid Artisan. They offer similar capacities, the same accessories, and have very similar aesthetics.

Whilst both stand mixers are beautiful, the KitchenAid has an iconic silhouette and a more diverse range of color options. It's more powerful too, so can whisk egg whites and mix batters quicker than the Kenwood. However, you certainly pay a premium for the KitchenAid name.

The Kenwood still offers some beautiful pastel colors and also has a better, slower fold function. It's higher-maintenance because the chrome finishes mark easily and is heavier than the KitchenAid too.

I prefer the KitchenAid, only because it doesn't leave any mix at the bottom of the bowl. This is an issue across all Kenwood stand mixers and, whilst it's not a deal-breaker, it's frustrating for some bakers.

Should you buy it?

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer box

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If you're new to baking and you want a stand mixer that will last you for years, delivering delicious baked goods with minimal effort, the kMix is wonderful. It's an attractive stand mixer, that certainly gives KitchenAids a run for their money. Whether it's better will depend on what you need from your stand mixer.

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