Bedroom items you should never throw out – 6 pieces to keep to avoid decluttering regret

You’ll likely regret getting rid of these six bedroom items – here’s why you should hang onto them

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It is rare to hear a professional organizer and declutterer telling you to keep hold of something, but when they do, they usually have a very good reason for it.

Most decluttering tips tell you to be ruthless with your decluttering methods and clear out as much clutter as you can, this can often result in tossing out important or sentimental items that you later long for. Nowhere is this more true than in a personal space such as decluttering a bedroom.

These are the six bedroom items you should never throw out if you want to avoid decluttering regret, and why keeping them around is beneficial.

Bedroom items you should never throw out

Keeping a hold of these six things you should never throw out when decluttering not only helps to avoid decluttering regret but can make your life easier too. Keeping hold of important storage pieces or organizational tools will make cleaning up quicker in the future, for example.

With that in mind, this is why these six things should always have a place in your home.

1. Sentimental items

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Decluttering sentimental items can feel impossible, which is why some experts suggest you leave them be.

‘While it's important to declutter, don't discard items that hold true sentimental value,’ Meaghan Kessman, professional home organizer, recommends. ‘These could be family heirlooms, childhood mementos, or gifts from loved ones. If an item sparks joy or holds a special memory, find a way to display it or store it safely to cherish for years to come.’

2. Clothes hangers

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While you might be in the mood to declutter a closet and cut back on clothing now, most of us are likely to go out and fill it back up within a few months. Therefore, when decluttering, Barbara Brock, professional home stager, organizer, and declutterer, founder of Barbara Brock Inc., suggests keeping a hold of your hangers for this eventuality:

‘As far as clothing and accessories, I recommend keeping empty hangers when decluttering. If you don't have enough hangers, then items will get stuffed in a drawer or end up on the floor. Hangers can be used not only for clothes but for purses, belts, scarves, etc.’

3. Baskets and bins

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There is perhaps no better home organization tool than storage baskets, which is why you should never get rid of them from your bedroom even if you have decluttered and find some of them empty, warns Meaghan Kessman, professional home organizer.

‘Don't underestimate the power of a good basket or bin. These versatile storage solutions can corral everything from extra blankets and pillows to off-season clothing or sentimental items. By keeping like items together in designated containers, you'll not only declutter your space but also make it easier to find what you need.’

Consider storing baskets inside one another under the bed until you need them again around your home. It takes up a small amount of space but will save you time and money when organizing your bedroom in the future.

4. Timeless clothing basics

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One of the biggest categories we deal with in a bedroom is decluttering clothes. Trying to race through decluttering clothes fast usually always results in some rash decisions, however.

When on a tight time frame, Lauren Saltman, professional organizer and declutterer, and owner of Living. Simplified, recommends always keeping a hold of timeless clothing basics that can be used with countless outfits:

‘Think along the lines of a little black dress, a nice pair of pants, clothing in neutral tones. If they still fit, are in good condition, and are still in style, these basics can become the backdrop to a basic and functional wardrobe. If you haven't worn them in a while, try them on to see if they fit, inspect them for any damage, and wash them if necessary.'

5. Laundry baskets

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Whether you are trying to save space in a small bedroom layout, or are trying to make your bedroom look neater, you should never declutter or move your laundry basket, urges Barbara Brock, professional home organizer:

‘A laundry basket is a must in most bedrooms for laundry and cleaning, otherwise, people must travel too far to put an item in the laundry and the item will end up on the floor.’

If you really don’t like the look of it or are low on space, there are some smart ways to hide a laundry basket that can be a better alternative.

6. Single socks

When going through clothes and dressers, it can be tempting to throw every mismatched item into a trash bag and call it a day. However, Lauren Saltman, a professional organizer, suggests this is the worst course of action:

‘Create a bin and label it "single socks". Each week as you find a sock widow, put it in the bin. At the end of the week when you've washed all your laundry, pull out the bin and see if you can match up any socks. Every few weeks, it will be time to empty the bin.'


What is the five-year rule for decluttering?

When dealing with difficult decluttering spots and sentimental items, it can help to use the 5-year rule. The five-year rule stipulates that if you have not used or looked at an item within the last five years, you are unlikely to in the following five years, and you should declutter it. If it helps, take a picture of the item to keep a digital record of it before discarding or donating it so you can look back if you ever feel the need.

Keeping hold of these six bedroom items may not be the best way to declutter a bedroom to make it feel bigger, but it is the best practical approach for those of us not looking to live a truly minimalistic lifestyle. Some may argue it is the best way to declutter your bedroom for a happier space.

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