The best entryway color for Feng Shui – according to the pros

Picking the right color for your entryway can make all the difference to the energy throughout your home

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Almost everything we use in our homes affects the energy of our spaces – from the furniture to the colors on the walls, so how do you get the color right in your entryway?

Although it might seem like a small detail, getting the best entryway colors for Feng Shui can make all the difference to the energy throughout your home. After all, it is not just guests you invite in when you open that door, but chi too, Feng Shui professionals believe. 

These are the colors designers and Feng Shui experts prefer for good entryway Feng Shui, and how the direction of your home can make a world of difference.  

The best entryway color for Feng Shui

When picking out a paint color to make an entryway inviting, it's essential to pick tones that contribute to the flow of positive energy to prevent stagnant and negative chi from bringing bad fortune to your home. The easiest way to avoid Feng Shui entryway mistakes is to pick a color based on the direction of your front door, suggests Jacky Chou, principal designer and founder of Archute:

‘Different colors can enhance or weaken the flow of chi, or life force, into your home, depending on the direction your door faces,’ he begins. ‘The entryway is the first impression of your home, so it has a big impact on the energy and mood of your space. That's why choosing the right colors for your entryway Feng Shui is so important.’

Principal and Director at Archute
Jacky Chou
Principal and Director at Archute
Jacky Chou

Jacky Chou is the principal and director at Archute, an editorial magazine about architecture, home and garden. They have been referenced by The New York Times, Bustle, House & Home, Bloomberg, and Angi. Jacky also his own an online interior design company as well called Laurel & Wolf.

1. North-facing entryways

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North-facing areas of your home are often associated with the Feng Shui wealth corner, meaning decorating entryways with colors associated with the abundant water element is a great way to channel luck with prosperity.

Jacky Chou, interior designer, explains that decorating with blacks and browns can create a sense of depth and mystery while also enhancing your opportunities and success. 

‘Feel free to use them in frames, sculptures, baskets, or clocks to add some sophistication and style to your entryway,’ he suggests.

2. East-facing entryways

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On the Feng Shui energy map, the east is associated with health, meaning that painting with the most relaxing colors is best. Niklas Göke, certified life and habit coach, and founder of Four Minute Books prefers using greens and earthy tones to create a grounded vibe. 

It is not just your entryway paint ideas that you can play around with, either, he adds. Consider bringing the color in through natural elements such as Feng Shui plants, or a well cared for painted front door to help welcome positive energy in. 

Niklas Goke
Niklas Göke

Niklas Göke is a best-selling author, lifestyle and productivity coach who has helped over 300 clients through various behavioral changes.

3. West-facing entryways

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Representing family, communication, and clarity, a west-facing entryway is best painted in colors that channel the metal element, such as cool blues and purples, says Jacky Chou, interior designer. These will help to calm and balance the energy in your home for good Feng Shui in your home and inspire you to express yourself, he explains. 

‘You can use these colors in mirrors, lamps, vases, or wall art for some sparkle and elegance in your entryway.’

4. South-facing entryways

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South-facing entries require much bolder paint choices, with warm-toned colors like red and yellow – perfect for energizing the fire element, associated with luck, prosperity, and growth. 

Decorating with red and decorating with orange may not be for everyone, however, so Jacky Chou suggests adding it in accents for a similar effect without overwhelming the space.

‘For implementation, you can paint your door or walls in these colors or use accessories like rugs, pillows, or art for pops of color.’


What color front door brings good luck?

When picking a front door color for good luck, Feng Shui experts recommend choosing red tones for prosperity. Warm red tones symbolize luck with money and wellness in many cultures, making it the perfect accent for the entrance to your home.

What role does color have in Feng Shui?

Color plays a big part in Feng Shui and the movement of energy. Color is thought to have a certain vibrational tone that chi plays off of to reverberate energy through the home. The right color in a space is thought to help boost the positive energy in your home, improving your luck and prosperity by bringing balance to your space.

These simple decor and paint tips will make your entryway feel welcoming, both to you and good energy. Just be sure to also consider Feng Shui front door colors to ensure you do not block good energy at the door.  

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