How to cool a guest bedroom in summer – 7 tricks to keep guests in comfort

Hosting experts and HVAC professionals explain how to keep a guest bedroom cool in summer, so your guests can stay comfortable throughout the hot hosting season

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Summer is a great time to host friends and family – until the heat waves arrive. While it is great news for a BBQ, it is far from ideal for our sleep and the sleep of our guests.

If you want to make a good impression and ensure your guests will always want to come back to visit, this means working out how to cool a guest bedroom in summer, even if you have no AC.

We talked to hosting experts and HVAC professionals to learn their top tips for cooling guest bedrooms in summer so you can be the host with the most.

How to cool a guest bedroom in summer

Whether you have a full guest bedroom suite set-up or are hosting guests without a guest room, cooling down the areas where your overnight guests will sleep will be greatly appreciated.

1. Invest in heat-blocking window treatments

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If your guest bedroom gets a lot of sun throughout the day, the best place to start is by investing in some heat-blocking window treatments, such as blackout curtains to block heat, begins Aleka Shunk, hosting expert and Founder of Aleka’s Get-Together:

‘If the guest bedroom window faces the sun, especially in the late afternoon, this will raise the bedroom temperature tremendously. Invest in some good solar or roller blinds to block out the heat. Your guests will thank you.’

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If you are already happy with your existing window treatment ideas, Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician and owner of Air Conditioner Lab, recommends heat film instead:

‘Installing these on windows can deflect solar radiation without reducing natural light, helping to maintain cooler room temperatures.’ It also has the added benefit of increasing privacy, perfect for your guests to feel more comfortable in your home.

2. Upgrade to breathable sheets

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You cannot go wrong with a set or two of the best cooling bed sheets, especially for a guest room, Aleka Shunk, hosting expert, continues. ‘Upgrade the guest bedding to quality cooling sheets and/or light blankets. Anything made with bamboo fabric will help keep your guests cool at night.’

Changing out your bedsheets will allow guests to stay cool while being comfortable, or an optional layer on a blanket if they feel chilly, helping you to accommodate a wide range of people.

Additionally. You could add a gel cooling mattress topper, suggests Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician.

3. Add a box fan

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If you do not have AC or a ceiling fan to help keep air moving around the room, Melanie Powers, president at Goodberlet Home Services, suggests adding in the best fans you can afford:

‘Box fans are great in increasing air flow because they move the air through the room helping with the overall circulation. Having one in a guest bedroom can keep the room cool and cut down on costs.’

When picking a fan to help guests sleep, opt for the quiets fan you can find, with multiple controls to help them achieve the perfect climate for a good night’s sleep.

4. Close cooling vents in unused rooms

If you do have air conditioning, there are a few ways you can make it more efficient, pints out Aleka Shunk, hosting expert:

‘Another thing I always do before guests arrive is close the vents in other rooms that are not being used. This will help to encourage better airflow into the guest bedroom,’ she shares.

It is also useful to clean your air conditioner before guests arrive to prevent dust from limiting airflow and exacerbating allergies, ensuring that it has been recently serviced so it is all in working order for your guests.

5. Install a more permanent home cooling system

If you have the budget, it is always worth investing in a more permanent, robust heating and cooling system for your home – especially one that offers eco-cooling such as heat pumps, says John Gabrielli, HVAC heating & air conditioning expert and owner of Air Temp Solutions:

‘If you want an official cooling solution, consider adding a ductless heat pump or mini-split system to your guest bedroom. These systems are highly efficient at regulating room temperature and can provide targeted cooling exactly where you want it.

‘Because these systems can be controlled independently from the rest of the house, simply turn the system in your guest bedroom off when you don't need it and turn it on when you do.’

6. Add in cooling guest gifts

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When styling an inviting guest room for summer, it is a nice final touch to add a gift basket full of cooling goodies and treats, Teresa Cannon, owner and lead designer at Teresa Cannon Design, recommends.

‘Include little "heat-beating" luxuries for your guests. This doesn't have to be fancy or expensive; a few water bottles and some cooling mints in a basket on the bedside table show them that you care about their comfort,’ she explains. ‘When designing your guest space, consider adding shades or light-filtering curtains to the windows to block the sun while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. If you really want to impress guests, a lightweight white bathrobe is a nice touch. After a refreshing shower, I know I appreciate not having to get dressed right away. Your guests will too.'

7. Invest in a cooling air purifier

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Most of the best air purifiers now also come with a cooling function, allowing you to both improve the air quality for your guests to beat allergies and hayfever, while also keeping them comfortably cool, points out Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician. They are more than worth the investment for any home in summer, he says, even beyond the guest bedroom.

It is not always about how you physically cool down the room, adds Teresa Cannon, designer. Light color schemes and decorating palettes can help to make a guest feel cooler by tricking the eye, even if the room itself it war, she explains:

‘One should not discount how greatly the colors in a room can affect the perceived temperature in a space. I suggest pulling from the cool side of the color wheel when choosing bedding, wall, and ceiling colors, and trying to stay with muted tones or neutrals.

‘Imagine your guests walking into the room you have prepared and seeing refreshing blues or seafoam green with white cotton sheets. If you do want to include bright colors, you should accessorize with throw pillows, artwork, and lamps, but think greens and blues for a cooling effect, rather than oranges, pinks, or yellows, which evoke a feeling of summer days and therefore heat.'

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