9 chic storage pieces that look more expensive than they are – and they're all available at Target

These nine Target storage items can make any home look more expensive without the unnecessary price tag

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It is no secret by now that a well-organized home instantly looks expensive – but you don't actually have to break the bank to achieve the look.

A sucker for a bargain, I am always on the lookout for the best home storage ideas as a low-cost way to make a house look more expensive – while still meeting my strict practical criteria.

After weeks of trawling the internet, I found that the Target storage pieces are the answer.

Target storage pieces

Whether you have the same goal as me to organize a home for quiet luxury or are simply looking to level-up your home organizing ideas for less, these nine picks are a must.


What do I need to consider before buying storage?

Before buying storage and organizing products for your home, you should consider what it is you are storing and where you are storing it to help pick the best containers for the job. If you are storing messy items, or storing items in an area that gets wet or dirty, it is best to choose sturdy wipe-clean plastic containers over wood, for example, while wood and cardboard containers are best for dry areas like closets and pantries.

You should also always declutter the space and measure storage areas before buying containers to fill the. This ensures everything you are keeping fits neatly and nothing overflows, leading to more clutter than you started with.

When shopping for organizing products, remember to only buy what you need to get your home in order, rather than go for anything that seems like a good deal. Being selective with what you buy and ensuring that they will each have a functional use in your home will make it a better deal than splurging on products you wont end up using.

I also round up my favorite Wayfair storage products in a separate piece.

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