Why you should mop your floors with cinnamon, according to spiritualists and cleaners

This cleaning trick can scent your home and boost your prosperity, experts say

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Pouring a pot of cinnamon into your mop water is probably the last thing you think of doing when trying to clean your home, but it turns out it can have several benefits for your space. 

From making your home smell nice to boosting your prosperity, this simple trick may be out of the box but it is thought to be the perfect all-rounder for cleaning, scenting, and cleansing your home.

Here, experts explain why this cleaning tip might be perfect for your home, and how to get it right to avoid making your home dirtier than it started.

Mopping with cinnamon for cleaning

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When it comes to our home fragrance, we are far more likely to turn to the best candles or simmer pot recipes for fall and winter, but cleaning experts say that adding a little cinnamon to your mop water could help to infuse your home with a cozy scent, contributing to fragrance layering in the extreme: 

‘Yes, using cinnamon while mopping can leave a pleasant scent in a room,’ begins Petya Holevich, house cleaning expert and supervisor at Fantastic Services. ‘You need to avoid using too much cinnamon because it may leave a residue on the floor if it’s not properly diluted. 

‘Instead of applying cinnamon directly to the mop or water, I recommended using a cinnamon-infused cleaning solution. If you can’t find a product like that, there’s a simple recipe you can try as an alternative. You’ll need warm water, a few drops of mild dish soap, and one to two cinnamon sticks or a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, combine them in a mop bucket, allowing the cinnamon to steep for a few minutes to infuse the water with cinnamon fragrance.

‘Then, mop the floor as usual with the cinnamon-infused solution. The warmth and movement of mopping will release the cinnamon scent into the air, leaving the room smelling fragrant, while the warm water and mild dish soap will help effectively clean the floor.

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What’s more, cinnamon has several antibacterial properties, meaning it is more than just a superficial addition to your cleaning routine, continues Elizabeth Shields, professional cleaner and operations manager at Super Cleaning Service Louisville.

‘Cinnamon carries natural antibacterial properties, so when cinnamon is applied or introduced into a cleaning solution, it can help kill or suppress the growth of bacteria on surfaces, making it a natural and effective antibacterial agent for household use,’ she says. ‘Thanks to compounds like cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. Cinnamaldehyde is the compound responsible for cinnamon's distinct flavor and aroma, and it has been found to exhibit antibacterial and antifungal properties. Eugenol also contributes to its antibacterial effects.

'Be mindful of using it on sensitive floor types, as the abrasive nature of cinnamon might not be suitable for all surfaces. When mopping hardwood floors, or trying to clean a floor without streaks, for instance, cinnamon could potentially stain or leave a residue, especially on unfinished wood or natural stone, so it's best to skip it here.’ 

Mopping with cinnamon for prosperity

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Cinnamon is not just good for cleaning your home, it is also thought to be perfect for improving your prosperity, says Bart Nanka, manager at Mudbrick Herb Cottage.

Much like sprinkling rice around your home or using Feng Shui in a bedroom for good luck, ‘cinnamon is thought to cleanse the space of negative energy and invite positive vibes. The warm, inviting scent of cinnamon can create a harmonious atmosphere, bringing luck and prosperity into your home, according to some spiritual beliefs,’ he explains.

Victoria Nielsen, spiritual guide and empowerment coach, suggests that while this method can work, there are sometimes better ways to introduce good luck to your space, such as blowing cinnamon on your front door. ‘It's much better to blow cinnamon through your front door as a ritual with intention.

‘Doors are portals,’ she explains, ‘so by blowing cinnamon, which is associated with luck and abundance, into your home, you're creating a physical representation of what you want to occur in the spiritual realm.’

Victoria Nielsen
Victoria Nielsen

As an intuitive healer and guide, Victoria demystifies ancient energetic practices like the Akashic Records and Kundalini Yoga to help you live a more embodied and empowered life.


Does mopping with cinnamon keep bugs away?

Cinnamon is often used as a natural pest repellent meaning that mopping your floors with it can help to deter pests such as spiders and ants. It is important to remember that this is not a surefire way to prevent these pests in your home, and traditional methods such as sealing gaps and removing food sources are also essential.

How do you cleanse your home with cinnamon?

If you are looking to cleanse bad energy from your home with cinnamon, you can mop your floors with it, adding either ground cinnamon or essential oil into your mop water or to your household cleaning sprays, or incorporating cinnamon sticks into your home decor to infuse your home with this spice.

If mopping your floors with this spice is not for you, Bart Nanka of Mudbrick Herb Cottage assures that there are other methods for attracting prosperity with cinnamon including placing cinnamon sticks around your home or using it in specific rituals. 

'Whether you believe in it or not, the pleasant aroma is a bonus.’ 

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