Wellness bathroom ideas – 9 elegant spaces that provide a multisensory experience

Elegant and luxurious, spa-style bathrooms that focus on wellness are all the rage

Wellness bathroom ideas
(Image credit: The Links Estates / Fisher Island / That Home Studio / Josep Solé / GRT Architects / Michael Vahrenwald)

The most indulgent and luxurious wellness bathroom ideas are all about relaxation and rest, therefore, the materials you choose will be of utmost importance in this room. Creating the ultimate wellness retreat should be a multisensory experience; a feast for the senses. 

‘In today’s fast-paced world, wellness and self-care have never been more important, says Graff CEO and president Ziggy Kulig. Whether you want to refresh or relax, a blissful spa bathroom or shower can boost wellbeing and create a sense of everyday indulgence. 

'Creating a wellness experience in the bathroom depends on the personal needs and rituals of each individual,’ says Holger Struck, spokesperson for Dornbracht. ‘For example, some people prefer a spacious showering area, open to the room, while others prefer a more enclosed, cozy space with a tub.’ 

Elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious, these wellness bathroom ideas will tempt you to turn your existing bathroom into a haven of rest and relaxation. 

Wellness bathroom ideas

Set the scene for relaxing and rejuvenation in your wellness bathroom with these luxe ideas for five-star pampering. 

1. Embrace space

Wellness bathroom ideas

Project by That Home Studio

(Image credit: That Home Studio / Josep Solé)

When it comes to designing a wellness room in the master bathroom, the luxury of space itself can provide a huge advantage. 

In this generous apartment in uptown Barcelona, the interior design team That Home Studio were lucky to work with high ceilings, large windows and the potential to incorporate a vast walk-in shower area. 

The balance of textures was key; fluted timber, bouclé upholstery and carved mirror frames all serve to soften the hard surfaces, while enhancing that sense of lavishness usually only experienced at the most exclusive spa resorts. 

Painting the ceiling in dark terracotta (Little Greene’s Tuscan Red is similar), deflects from the imposing ceiling height for a more intimate atmosphere.

2. Curate a space to linger for longer

Wellness bathroom ideas

The Tay bath; Bestwood Lever floor standing bath & shower mixer; Bestwood Lever 3-hole basin mixer, all Drummonds. Project by Orla Read, Nicola Harding and Studio Faeger

(Image credit: Nicola Harding and Studio Faeger)

A modern bathroom may not seem the obvious home for upholstered seating but if you are planning to enjoy rest and relaxation in there it makes perfect sense. Painting toenails, lotioning legs, flicking through a magazine, or waiting for a face mask to set – all moments where comfortable seating will prove far more decadent than perching on a cold toilet seat. 

In this warm, inviting bathroom, a generous conversation seat encourages lingering in a big way. Reupholstered in a vintage striped fabric in similar tones to the tadelakt walls, it’s big enough to accommodate a shared pampering session or family catch-up at the end of the day

3. Revel in the smaller details

Wellness bathroom ideas

Project by ND Studios

(Image credit: ND Studios)

Rejuvenating your wellness reserves in a smaller space requires thoughtful planning. Interior designer Natascha Dartnall of ND Studios worked hard to capitalize on every last inch of this marble bathroom, while keeping the aesthetic elegant and sleek. 

‘The most luxurious spas exude purity and you can achieve this at home by incorporating hidden storage, plus mirrors to create the sense of space and light,’ she explains. 

‘Double basins also give a feeling of luxury and don’t require as much space as you may think. A quick tip for creating a luxury bathroom vibe is to transfer your lotions and potions into glass bottles. It’s amazing what a transformation this makes for little effort.'

4. Bring nature inside

Wellness bathroom ideas

(Image credit: BC Designs)

‘Surrounding yourself with natural materials such as wood is a great way to subliminally boost positive emotions,’ says Barrie Cutchie, design director, BC Designs. ‘It has been proven that spending time outdoors and within nature – where wood is plentiful – has a positive impact on our mental health, and by bringing it into the home, we can replicate those same benefits on a smaller scale.’ 

Here, natural teak has been introduced in a modern, slatted design that lends laid-back Japanese-influenced vibes. ‘Teak’s natural oil helps it to resist water and aging well, making it a great timber choice for bathrooms,’ adds Barrie.

5. Focus on curves

Wellness bathroom ideas

Project by Barlow & Barlow

(Image credit: Barlow & Barlow / Jonathan Bond)

‘The curved ceiling in this basement wet room is cocooning, aiding comfort and allowing the spacious showering area to feel cozy not exposing,’ says Joshua Sear, co-director at Barlow & Barlow. The crackle-glaze tiles have a textural quality that emphasizes the curve and enhances the sanctuary-like setting. 

‘A bespoke diffuser light washes light up the curved ceiling, rippling across the tiles and adding to that feeling of being warmly cocooned,’ adds Joshua. ‘We’re also big advocates of half-height shower screens. They add much more interest than full-height glass and are far more practical for storing bathroom products within in-built niches.

6. Remain neutral 

Wellness bathroom ideas

Project by GRT Architects

(Image credit: GRT Architects / Michael Vahrenwald)

Widely associated with calmness, a white-on-white bathroom color scheme will quieten the mind and soothe the soul. Steer away from clinical whites and go for off-white surfaces with tactile appeal, like these zellige bathroom tile ideas by Clé. The hand-cut edges, color variation and undulating glaze celebrate imperfections and shimmer light through the space. 

‘We defined the “wet” and “dry” areas using a border and stopped the tile short of the ceiling to imply a frieze,’ adds Rustam Mehta, co-founder and partner of GRT Architects. A built-in seat in the shower provides a place to linger amid the tranquil atmosphere.

7. Lighten the mood

Wellness bathroom ideas

Project by The Links Estates/Fisher Island

(Image credit: The Links Estates / Fisher Island)

Every good bathroom requires decent task lighting, both overhead and around mirrors. However, in a bathroom designed to restore mental harmony and wellbeing, atmospheric lighting is the priority. 

Lighting designer Sally Storey, of John Cullen Lighting, refers to this extra tier of bathroom lighting and illumination as ‘bringing the spa magic’. 

She recommends using low-level LED strips to up-light materials, alcoves and niches, as well as low-glare floor lights around the bath and under wall-hung furniture. 

‘The effect is like putting night lights around the room. We recommend using a control panel that allows you to adjust the light levels and set programs,’ she adds.

8. Harness healing color

Wellness bathroom ideas

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

Chromotherapy, based on the healing powers of color, is thought to help invigorate or soothe the senses, depending on the shade selected. 

According to several studies, warm colors such as red and orange stimulate and energize, while cool colors like green and blue relieve muscle tension, lower stress levels and aid sleep. 

By combining chromotherapy and water therapy, showers with integral color-changing lights promise to enhance the wellbeing benefits of every showering experience. Select warm colors and a fast flow to pep up morning showers, or cool colored light and a gentler rain cloud-style setting for the bedtime wind down.

9. Create a restful retreat 

Wellness bathroom with freestanding tub

(Image credit: TOTO)

If you have ever felt the urge to go and hide away in a cool, dark room, this authentic wellness bathroom design could be what you are after. Recreate the look using outsized porcelain tiles (less grout is more hygienic) with a textured finish and underflooring heating for extra luxe. 

Stepping the bath up a level adds a sense of ceremony to the bathing ritual; this tub has a sculpted interior designed to relax the back and elevate the legs. Vertical blinds provide privacy and diffuse the daylight coming in, creating soothing shadows that are a restful treat for tired eyes.

How to you make a zen bathroom?

Creating a zen bathroom requires plenty of design forethought. Minimalist bathroom design helps to create a desirable space for unwinding, with limited distractions and clutter,’ suggests Paul Bailey, product management leader, Grohe

But you may wish to add a few extras: a seat or mosaic-clad bench can make an in-shower spot to relax as you drench or enjoy a cloud of steam, while a bowl with a few drops of your favorite essential oil – its fragrance released with the warmth of the shower – can enhance the sensory environment.

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