Bobby Berk swears this is the best kitchen cabinet color if you want dramatic but also timeless

The Queer Eye interior designer says this bold shade will be just as popular in 100 years

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Choosing a kitchen cabinet color is one of the biggest design decisions. Cabinets have a huge impact on the color scheme of your kitchen, and re-painting them is a massive time commitment. Bobby Berk, expert interior designer and Queer Eye alum knows this, that's why he recommends a kitchen cabinet color that will never date.

Bobby told H&G exclusively in our interview on his partnership with Spotify, 'I am a huge fan of black kitchen cabinets. I think they create a great balance if you're using a lot of other whites in the kitchen.' He continued on the black kitchen idea, 'I love black cabinets with a light countertop and backsplash because I think it makes for a dramatic kitchen.' Bobby amps up the drama with his Spotify Daylist, a unique blend of music curated for him daily to turn his kitchen into an audio oasis

Black monochrome kitchen by deVOL

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The Queer Eye designer adds that dark kitchen cabinets are easy to style. He states: 'The thing about black cabinets is you're able to change the other things in the space without major disruption. For instance, if you have a trendy kitchen countertop now,  in 10 years you can change your countertop and things are still going to go with black cabinets.'

Furthermore, Bobby thinks this color, along with white cabinets, will be in style forever. 'I think black and white cabinets are completely timeless.' He continues, 'I think these cabinets will never go out of style because the great thing about doing black or white cabinets as opposed to a color is that they aren't associated with a particular time.' He adds: 'Some people would say wood kitchen cabinets are timeless, but I disagree. Some wood tones are very decade specific.'

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Though he concedes 'I think colors are very relative for different people. Colors make different people feel different ways' he still recommends caution before choosing a kitchen cabinet color trend over a classic shade. Bobby states: 'Trendy cabinet colors like greens and blues, especially that very popular sage green, will eventually date your home. For example, in the late 90s hunter green was super popular and when you see hunter green you're just like instantly like "oh 1996, yeah yeah I was there."'

According to Bobby, black cabinets will still be just as in style no matter how trends change. Regardless of the kitchen trends, a kitchen you love will always be in vogue. 

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