Real estate experts say that Brooklyn Beckham's 'smooth' cabinets will transcend kitchen trends in 2024

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz just showed how seamless cabinets can be – and real estate professionals are impressed

Brooklyn Beckham
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The rise of 'invisible' kitchens, or most specifically kitchen cabinets, is understandable – when we consider their sleek functionality and minimalist aesthetic. 

Despite the somewhat sci-fi-inspired name, 'invisible kitchens' are more accessible than the term suggests –often beginning with handleless cabinets, such as those seen in Brooklyn Beckham's kitchen.

Brooklyn, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, often shares glimpses inside his all-white kitchen, where he lives with his wife and actress Nicola Peltz. And, while the seamless color scheme is something to note, his handleless kitchen cabinets have caused the most excitement among real estate professionals.  

'From my time diving deep into interior designs, I've seen numerous homes with those handleless kitchens. Essentially, it's where you ditch traditional cabinet and drawer handles, and it makes everything look much cleaner,' explains real estate expert Ryan Fitzgerald. 

As mentioned, handleless cabinets are often associated with the 'invisible kitchen' design trend, but as Ryan explains, we can owe yet more benefits to their success.

'Why the fascination with handleless cabinets? They've got a super-modern aesthetic,' he comments. 

'Without handles, everything just flows. It's like giving your kitchen a smooth facelift that makes it feel roomier. Also, here's something you might not have thought about – no handles means nothing to catch your clothes on. Handy when you're darting around cooking up a storm.'

Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald is an experienced realtor and the Owner of Homes Raleigh. He was named a '30 under 30 Realtor®' by Realtor Magazine and is a regular contributor on Forbes and US News. His real estate expertise extends to interior and landscaping decoration and improvement, including front yards.

'Some trends might come and go, but these handleless kitchens I see sticking around for some time. They've got that blend of looks and practicality. But as always, it's always about what feels right for you.'

In their white kitchen, Brooklyn and Nicola have opted for an ultra-sleek, minimalist look, but as Ryan explains, handleless cabinets can work in a more traditional space, too. 'If you're someone who loves mixing things up, you can blend that classic shaker kitchen style with handleless features. It's like the best of both worlds,' he says.

And Ryan is not alone in his observations. Chris Dance, the showroom manager from InHouse Inspired Room Design, agrees that the handleless look is versatile enough to work in various kitchens – whether clean like the Brooklyn's or more traditional and maximalist if that's what we prefer. 

'While they are more contemporary in design, handleless kitchens work for both ultra-modern and more traditional cabinet fronts, making them the perfect option for any style of home,' he says.

'This means handleless kitchens are a timeless option that's certainly not going to go out of fashion any time soon.' So, while they may be something of a sizeable investment, we can rest assured that following Brooklyn and Nicola's lead is a decision that will stand the test of time.

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