Cameron Diaz's kitchen features 5 trends that will thrive in 2024 – it is one of the best examples of modern design I've ever seen

Cameron Diaz's kitchen is a masterclass in modern design. From marble surfaces to metal hardware, the 5 trends featured are pure perfection

Cameron Diaz
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The trend for kitchens with a sophisticated style, focusing on good craftsmanship and natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, shows no sign of abating. The opposite of a designer kitchen with all the bells and whistles, this look is far more understated but no less luxurious when placed in the hands of a good craftsperson or designer. American actress Cameron Diaz's luxury kitchen is no exception.

Having a theme for your kitchen helps create a coherent look – and while it’s good to keep up with the latest kitchen trends, the most important thing is to ensure it’s true to your personal style and suited to your home. 

'Think carefully about how you wish to use the space and also your needs,' says Smallbone's Damian Wright. 'Today's modern kitchens are the core of the house, so we approach the design by thinking about the kitchen layout, kitchen colors and chosen materials.' If you are in any doubt, borrow the key looks from Diaz's kitchen – you can't go far wrong with these five core trends.

1. Wood kitchen cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinet ideas are classic, but that doesn't mean their look has stayed the same over time. The 1970s saw honey-colored wood taking center stage. In the 1980s it was dark wood and black. Scandinavian-style blond wood kitchens have made their mark. And in recent years, painted wood cabinetry has held sway. But now we're seeing a return to wood kitchens that showcase the beauty of wood in all its forms. Celebrating the craftsmanship of natural wood, unpainted kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal. 

Pale and interesting best describes this dreamy scheme. It strikes the perfect note between relaxation and luxury. Real wood cabinets are brilliantly versatile and will suit practically any kitchen style. The oak cabinet kitchen is the true backbone of the space.

2. Marble surfaces

Materials can be used to create the mood of a space and evoke a sense of calm relaxation and luxurious opulence, which is why many designers often choose elegant, natural stone. It can draw you into a room, and feels so beautiful to touch.  It is fair to say that marble kitchen ideas are having a moment. 

Marble has innate characteristics that ensure this tactile natural stone is on top of the wish list in kitchen design. ‘Soft and cool to the touch with natural beauty and a character that makes it a little contentious for some to use in a kitchen,’ says Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL. It gives an air of quality and humble beauty, and is guaranteed to make a bold statement.'

‘A backsplash is a key decision in a project,’ explains Alex Beaugeard, design director at McCarron & Co. ‘As vertical surfaces, they carry significant design weight and there is a real appetite to experiment with marble. Cameron Diaz's use of marble for her kitchen backsplash is a true style statement.

Linda Sasson, designer and founder of Linda Sasson Designs, agrees: 'Using marble with an active pattern for a backsplash combined with a matching countertop adds panache to what might be an otherwise flat homogeneous look.'

Stone has been used as a decorative material for centuries yet with a fresh approach, it can feel surprisingly contemporary and relevant in a modern setting. 

3. Metal accents

There’s no greater example of how kitchen and interior design have become intertwined than with the addition of statement metal accents. Metal makes for durability, essential for everyday pieces that frequently get tugged, pulled, or knocked. But if there is one metal that stands out from the crowd, it is gold. 

One of the most uplifting colors, decorating with gold is sure to lift your spirits and it is perhaps not surprising that this joyful option is experiencing a modern renaissance in kitchen design.

From subtle flecks of gold detailing on hardware to full-on metal backsplash ideas, metallic gold brings warmth and radiance to every surface it touches. Along with its mood-enhancing qualities, gold is a highly versatile color that can be paired with many other shades to make a kitchen look expensive and rich.

4. Accent shelving

Simple display spaces for the kitchen are worth their weight in gold, and Cameron Diaz uses open shelving to introduce delightful decorative moments.

Be they decorated with beautiful ceramics, vintage glassware, plants or recipe books, kitchen shelving can be used to add individual style to a kitchen, as Mike Fetherston, design director of Hetherington Newman, explains. 

‘As kitchens are increasingly central to the home and where families come together for meals and to socialize, areas for display are important to personalize the space and add interest, giving a more relaxed and welcoming feel.’ Choose floating shelves (without visible supports) for a relaxed, minimal feel. 

5. Pot filler tap

Poised above the stove to fill pans with ease, pot fillers – a familiar feature in traditional US kitchens – are now selling hard globally. In recent years, it's become somewhat of a status symbol.

'We love using pot fillers in our kitchens as they add beauty and function,' says Ariel Bleich, interior designer and founder of Ariel Bleich Design. 'Our clients love how these can be a focal point for the cooking zone and highlight materiality in the space. In a busy, family kitchen, it's also nice to have a second place to fill pots in case the sink area is already occupied.'

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