The launch of Hilary Duff's all-natural fragrance diffusers signals the rise of an unexpected 2024 interiors trend

The actress and singer is redefining home fragrances with her new brand Below 60°

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Scent hasn't traditionally been considered a part of interior design but this perception is rapidly changing. Fragrance is increasingly thought of as an integral part of styling a room, with more and more heritage design companies adding candles, diffusers, and room sprays to their offerings. Further evidence for the scent-as-interior-design trend comes from an unexpected place: Hilary Duff's new company, Below 60°

The actress and singer-turned-businesswoman has launched a line of 100% natural fragrance diffusers, with three unique scents available. Inspired by the pristine air in Antarctica, Hillary's brand signals the continuation of the interior design trend into 2024.

When it comes to ways to make your home smell nice, there are seemingly endless options. However, what sets Hilary Duff's new company apart is its commitment to using natural ingredients. The Below 60 site states that they use 100% natural materials without any synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes. The brand also prides itself on the discreet design of the diffuser that is meant to blend in seamlessly with your design.

Interestingly, Below 60 cites that, 'the connection between scent and our purest, most potent memories is proven by science.' This expert-backed theory on the power of scent is one of the number one reasons for the rising fragrance trend in homes. In an increasingly digital world, our connection to our material surroundings can feel tenuous at best. Fragrance provides grounding properties that help us to build cherished experiences in beloved spaces. For these reasons, we predict this trend is built to last.

Whether you like Hilary Duff's diffuser or would prefer a more traditional option, there are thousands of ways to imbue your home with a signature scent. From fragrance layering to using the best candles, building the ideal fragrance profile for your home is a fun and creative design project based on your unique preferences.

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With Hilary's diffuser by your side, your home will be perfectly prepared for 2024's most scentastic trend. For more advice on following the trend, check out our list of hidden tricks people with nice-smelling homes always use.

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