Hilary Duff matches fragrances with her design choices – and her technique can amplify our interior style

The actress sat down with H&G to explain how scent complements varied design styles, and we can't wait to recreate it

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You might know Hilary Duff best from her iconic roles in mid-aughts shows like Lizzie McGuire and Gossip Girl, but did you know she's also a scent expert? 

Disillusioned with the lack of high-quality, all-natural home fragrances on the market, Hilary founded Below 60° in late 2023. Her fragrance diffusers champion all-natural ingredients: they are made to be safe for families, safe for pets, and safe for you. Even better, they are built with design in mind. The look is sleek, simple, and luxurious, meant to fit in seamlessly with your design and easily match the traditional look of other essential oil diffusers

Earlier this month, we sat down with Hilary to get all of her hottest takes on the best ways to use home scents for well-being, mood, and design. She explained how she likes to pair varied signature scents with different designs to amplify the style. We'll definitely be taking on all of her advice in our own homes.

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First, Hilary spoke on minimalist decor. 'I definitely think that if you have a bright, minimalist space and that's your aesthetic, then I'd recommend scents that are a little more clean smelling,' she says. Some examples are green leaves, grapefruits, figs, and eucalyptus. For some reason, light, bright, and airy feels like clean green scents to me.'

However, she's not an essentialist about it. Hilary said: 'I don't know, florals also go really well in a minimalist, modern home. I like lilac and hyacinth.' If you like a few different scents in a contemporary space, fragrance layering is a great option.

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When it comes to darker rooms, for instance, those that are decorated with black, Hilary recommends warmer, more romantic scents

'Darker spaces for me totally feel like cozy palo santo, cedar, oud, and clean clothes. You want to get cozy in darker spaces, and it just calls for a heavier, maybe even a slightly more masculine, scent.'

At the end of the day, the most important part of home fragrances is that they smell like, well, home. By choosing scents that complement your design choices, it can help create a homey feel.

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