Kate Hudson's home bar makes artful use of an underrated color scheme – interior designers say it's 'versatile' and 'calming'

You won't believe everything you can do with this color palette

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In a highly ambitious design project, Kate Hudson has transformed her office into one of the most fabulous home bars we've ever seen. In a recent Instagram reel, the actress had her makeup done in the room, giving us a glimpse into the all-around entertainment room. The sage, olive-green space has built-in shelves with beautiful glassware, and an entire wall covered in floral William Morris wallpaper.

One of the best parts of Kate Hudson's home bar is the stunning olive green color scheme. The green room color scheme is a favorite among interior designers for its numerous benefits. 

'Olive green is slightly muted and provides a calming atmosphere wherever it is used. It lends itself to just about any design style, which makes it very versatile,' says Megan Dufresne, Sourthern-California-based interior designer and founder of MC Design. She continues, 'I like to use it on kitchen cabinets, and doors, as an accent in a living room, and I've even made it the theme color for an entire room. Done right, there is no limit to how you can use this color.'

megan dufresne
Megan Dufresne

Megan Dufresne is the founder of MC Design, a boutique interior firm specializing in coastal-friendly sophisticated design. Working with developers and homeowners throughout Southern California, Megan translates her years of experience at magazines such as House Beautiful and Interiors California into a new approach for highly personalized homes.

Courtney Wollersheim, interior designer at FLOOR360 adds, 'Olive green is deeply inviting, evokes nature, and pairs well with wood, marble, and other neutral colors. It's an earthy shade that makes a statement while providing warmth and comfort. Olive is versatile in you can mute and blend it or bring it forward to be the featured player in your space.'

Interior Designer
Courtney Wollersheim
Interior Designer
Courtney Wollersheim

Courtney is a designer at Floor 360. She has worked in interior design for over 25 years, giving her expertise in color, texture, function, and flow. Throughout her career, she has worked on projects including multi-family housing, restaurants, spas, office spaces and hotels.

It's no surprise then that the home bar is one of Kate Hudson's favorite spaces in her home, as reported by Drew & Jonathan, the Property Brothers' blog. She told them, 'I find my favorite rooms are always the ones where I’m not afraid to commit to color. Since this isn’t the house I’m going to live in forever, I wanted to be a little bolder.'

Kate Hudson's boldness in design is paying off because this color scheme is poised to be a huge interior design trend in 2024. Megan says, 'This trend is an offshoot of the deep jewel tone greens we saw in years past. We see olive green everywhere; kitchens, living rooms, even in exteriors.'

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Whether it's the entire room or an accent here and there, olive green is a color well worth incorporating into your interior design for its versatility and calming nature. From green living rooms to green offices-turned-home bars, the color always makes an impact.

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