Wow! Kylie Jenner's glamorous pink dining room proves this surprising shade is 2024's biggest 'new neutral'

The model and lip kit mogul's dining room is awash in sophisticated pink, white, and gold

kendall jenner and pink dining room
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Kylie Jenner, model, socialite, and Kylie Cosmetics founder, is one to set trends, not follow them. Nothing evidences this more than her stylish pink dining room created by celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. 

The whimsical and sophisticated design of the dining room is indicative of one of the biggest upcoming color trends of 2024.

The fashionable room includes a long white table and a mid-century modern white and gold chandelier. Gold panelling lines the lower part of the room and a black and white striped carpet covers the dark hardwood floors. Three Damien Hirst 'I Love You' butterfly prints in pink, black, and gold line the wall behind the dining table. Around the table, Martyn Bullard has custom-made pink dining chairs upholstered with leather in the shades of Kylie's lip products. The bold dining room color scheme makes the look.

Experts say that the shade of Kylie's dining room is a new classic. 'Historically, when we applied pink, it was considered bold, girly, or as an accent,' Leigh Spicher, National Director of Design Studios at Ashton Woods Homes says. She continues, 'But the application of pink has evolved. While pink can still be all these things, the beautiful tint (red and white) is becoming its own star.'

leigh spicher interior designer
Leigh Spicher

Leigh Spicher is the National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods Homes. For over 15 years, Ligh has been providing countless homeowners the opportunity to experience an unparalleled design journey as they create their home. With exceptional attention to detail and an eye for quality, Leigh and her industry experts help bring inspiration to life.

She adds: 'Today, pink is a new neutral, both in terms of all the other colors it pairs well with, and it is beloved by all humans (not just the quintessential “girl” color). Pink has become gender-neutral.'

Pro interior designers also love that Kylie Jenner's colorful dining room idea promotes personality and positive emotions in a room. Kimberly Niosi, principal designer at Niosi Interior Design states: 'Things are a bit serious in the world, and color is a huge way of communicating fun and lightheartedness. Pink accents are fresh and fun, and pink chairs can be dynamite with a white table and pink art.'

kimberly niosi minneapolis based interior designer
Kimberly Niosi

Kimberly earned her bachelor's Degree in Art from Minnesota State University and studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota, and is currently working on her master's Degree in Sustainable Design at Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Kimberly is the recipient of the local CBS affiliate’s “Top 5 in the State” award, and her work has been featured in Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine graced the cover of Midwest Home magazine and appeared on the nationally acclaimed

'Pink is also so loved that instead of an accent, it has the star power to be the focal point of any room. Adding pink to an otherwise neutral room creates a sense of warmth and character,' continues head of design Leigh Spicher.

Finally, the experts love the addition of gold accents that Kylie has made in this dining room idea. Interior designer Kimberly Niosi says, 'Gold-tone (whether gold or brass) is a stunner with certain colors, and pink happens to be one of those standout colors. By nature, pink has cooler undertones, and gold and brass rise to the occasion with just the right contrast and warmth.'

Now that Kylie Jenner's living room design has made us aware of how sophisticated and cool decorating with pink can be, we're ready to adopt the color scheme everywhere in our homes. Shop the Kylie edit below to get started.

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