Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLouglin's front door color exists in perfect harmony with the natural exterior of their home

The singer relies on this hue to bring perpetual style to their wood and stone house – experts laud its infinite benefits

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Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin's front door is painted a deep and inviting forest green color. The shade pairs perfectly with their stone walls and their porch's deep, reddish wood. It is a masterclass in choosing a door color for a natural toned home.

The singer revealed the front door color in a recent Instagram video in which McLoughlin is working out on their patio. Their design features natural stones on the exterior walls, flowing into black and green roofing. Lambert and McLoughlin have chosen an orange-reddish stained wood for the porch, which they have decided not to paint, allowing the natural veins of the beautiful wood to shine through. A large tree surrounded by a stone bed rises out of the surface of the porch. In the background, two green doors sitting side by side make a gorgeous statement.

Experts agree that green paint is the ideal choice for the natural shades of the couple's home. 'Deep forest green is a timeless, elegant choice for a front door, beautifully contrasting and harmonizing with natural stone and wood, enhancing the home's overall aesthetic with its rich and welcoming appeal,' says Marc Welch, LA-based architect and CEO of Welch Design Studio.

The exterior paint color is also perfect because of the contrast it provides against the brown rest of the home. 'I personally love homes with a front door color that differs from the rest of the house—I think it's a great way to set your home apart, and forest green is a great, eye-catching, beautiful color to use,' says paint expert, Andre Kazimierski, CEO, Improovy Painters of La Grange. He continues, 'It looks great alongside natural materials because I would consider it more of a natural color itself—so it will tend to compliment the hues of natural wood and stone, just like you'd find in a forest.'

Green front door

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Rather than introducing a completely new shade, green amongst neutrals creates a pop while also aligning with the colors that already appear naturally in the space. This idea aligns well with color theory, which states that colors near each other on the color wheel will pair well together for a tonal look. Different shades of green will create different effects, from a light sage color to a deep kelly green, it's all about considering the undertones of the other materials on the home.

Shop The Outdoor Edit

What's the point of a green front door if you can't enjoy it? Cozy and inviting outdoor furniture makes the perfect patio accessory. Natural materials like wicker, wood, and stone perfectly complement the gorgeous paint color.

Though green is the perfect choice for Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin, that doesn't make it true for everyone, depending on your taste, style, and what you want to accomplish with your design. The best way to choose a front door color is by first considering the fact that the front door creates the first impression you and any visitors have when they arrive at your home.

Whether you want to create a relaxed, inviting, or bold impact will change the way you paint. Different shades can even be used to create whatever aesthetic we want.

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