Shea McGee loves using this rug hack to bring warmth to the living room – perfect for fall

Shea McGee is a master in creating cozy and warm living spaces, and her latest hack does just that

Shea McGee
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Interior designer Shea McGee is an expert in creating warm and cozy living spaces, so we were instantly intrigued by her latest Instagram video, which is all about elevating the living room with one simple rug hack that is perfect for fall decor ideas

Having recently explained how to style a console table, Shea is serving us plenty of styling tips this month regarding modern living room ideas, and we're certainly glad of it as we approach fall and start to think about making our living spaces as warm as possible for the months ahead. 

In the video which you can watch below, Shea, who is also the co-founder of home decor brand Studio McGee, imparts her styling advice on how to layer rugs in the living room, to create a cozy and textured feel to the space. 

Shea champions the styling choice of layering rugs, 'especially in spaces where I can't fit a console table behind the sofa, I'll focus on the layers on the floor' she explains.

While it's certainly a bold approach to decorating with rugs, it's a guaranteed way to maximize visual interest and experiment with different textures. As Shea explains, it's also a great choice if you have a smaller space that limits the amount of furniture you can have. 

Living room with layered rugs

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Discussing the best types of rug to layer with, Shea explains that she likes to opt for a 'patterned rug on top and then a natural rug on the bottom,' which you can see styled in the above image. 

Referencing the McGee & Co Girona Handwoven Jute Rug, which is used as the bottom layer rug, Shea explains that its natural jute texture and cream edging add extra interest to the space, whilst it also ties into key rug trends

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