Designers agree: Sofia Richie's front door color is the secret to an elevated home entrance experience

This hue has a 'modern, dramatic aesthetic' that offers unrivaled curb appeal, and it comes with approval from the top

Sofia Richie
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When changing our interiors, the power of paint rarely goes unnoticed. However, arguably, its biggest influence extends beyond our four walls to our home's first canvas, the front door. This feature is the foundation of our property and, therefore, vital to get right – so where can we look for failsafe inspiration? 

Enter – Sofia Richie – the Brentwood-based personality who has opted for the most timeless front door color of all: black. For what this moody neutral lacks in vibrant and daring qualities, it makes up for with its timeless style – so, of course, it's a natural choice for the quietly luxurious fashion influencer. However, its versatility means this hue will look just as chic on front doors far beyond Los Angeles. 

'When it comes to front doors, we firmly stand by the timeless classics: black, wood, and charcoal gray,' comments Texas-based designer Ginger Curtis.

'Each of these colors possesses unique qualities and imparts a distinct ambiance, yet they all exude an air of elegance and sophistication. Your choice of front door color holds the power to establish the ambiance even before you step inside.'

Ginger Curtis
Ginger Curtis

Rooted in simplicity and elevated by extraordinary beauty, interiors by Dallas-based Urbanology Designs bring organic luxury to life. Their soft, modern approach allows clients to relax in the warmth of a comfortable and crafted home. Their design-forward sensibility looks beyond today’s times, trends, and whims to create homes with longevity and intention.

As Ginger explains, 'dark, moody front doors,' starting with black, 'elevate a home entrance experience' – indicating to all that our interiors are just as timeless. 

'These classic hues seamlessly harmonize with an inviting entryway, enhanced by exquisite lighting, complimentary trim colors, and design elements such as beautiful house numbers and landscaping,' she says. 'At The Urbanology Cottage, we selected a deep blue-black for the front door to enhance the historic home’s exterior, creating a modern, dramatic aesthetic.'

Unsurprisingly, Ginger is not alone in her admiration for this hue. Designer Eddie Maestri similarly urges us to opt for a dark front door – adding that we should look for a glossy dark paint for the ultimate finish. 

Glossy black front door surrounded by foliage

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Design Expert
Eddie Maestri
Design Expert
Eddie Maestri

Eddie is the Principal and Creative Director of Maestri Studio, based in Dallas, Texas. He guides and oversees every project to make sure that each home is well-designed from the outside in. He aims to bring his clients' personalities and preferences alive, both in new builds or historic homes (which the studio is known for).

'For a moody statement front door, Farrow and Ball's Paean Black is a good option. This classic color has a hint of red that gives it a touch of fun and glamour. This would look especially good in their high gloss,' Eddie notes. 

On the subject of black paint recommendations (guaranteed to boost curb appeal), designer Lauren Lerner adds that Sherwin Williams' Tricorn Black is similarly impactful. 

'I love painting the front door a strong color to set it apart from the rest of the doors in the home to really make a statement,' she says. 'I would avoid painting your front door white so it doesn't feel like just another bedroom door in the home.'

Lauren Lerner
Lauren Lerner

Lauren Lerner is the principal designer and founder of Living with Lolo, the interior design firm based in Scottsdale, AZ, since 2017. Fueled by her love for clean lines, mixed metals, colors, and timeless pieces, Lerner thrives on bringing a client’s home to life from the very beginning.

When it comes to color recommendations from us at H&G, we can't help but shout out Backdrop's classic black Dark Arts. We can pick up a sample below. 

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