Stanley Tucci's home bar merges 'timeless' elegance with convenience for a stunning result

This bar effortlessly combines a beautiful design with a highly functional set-up – for the perfect drinks space

stanley tucci in his home bar
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It's no secret that we all want to be Stanley Tucci. From his Italian recipes to his impeccable style and calming voice, the actor seems to have it all figured out. Clearly, this extends to his home bar.

Stanley Tucci's home bar incorporates luxe details like matte gold hardware, white marble countertops, and fluted glass panes on the cabinet doors. Simultaneously, open shelves, a small sink, and accessible garbage can make the beautiful space extra functional. Making a small home bar as chic and useful as Stanley's is a great investment in your home, and this look is only expected to increase in the coming year.

As evidence of Home Bars' increasing popularity, 'Hosting at Home' was cited as one of TaskRabbit's biggest trend predictions in their 2024 Interior Trends Report. TaskRabbit reports that over half of people are going all out with home hosting this year with a 55% increase on the platform in search for 'hosting season.' Some studies even show home bars are now a bigger priority for homeowners than a new kitchen. Turning our homes into fully stocked social spaces is becoming one of the biggest interior trends of the year. A fabulous home bar can make all the difference.

Kate Watson-Smyth, lifelong interiors journalist and founder of Mad About the House, states: 'During the Covid-19 lockdown, our kitchens essentially became our restaurants, and that mindset of elevating our everyday dining for both guests and family has carried on.' A restaurant would hardly be a restaurant without a well-equipped bar.

Kate Watson Smyth on polka dot stairs
Kate Watson-Smyth

Kate has worked as an interior design journalist for over 20 years. She has provided expertise to Homes & Gardens and written for The Independent and the Financial Times (among others) throughout her venerable career. Her home has been featured in LivingEtc and The Wall Street Journal.

Kate continues, 'More and more of us are investing in finishing touches to create a party atmosphere – candles, coasters, glassware, and napkins have all become symbols of perfect hosting and creating the wow factor.' Stanley Tucci's elegant decor and glassware storage create this impressive impact. The beauty of the home bar is all about the little things.

Furthermore, Stanley Tucci, in addition to creating a hosting space that will 'wow' guests, has created a practical space. 'Open cabinets make his glassware easy to see and access,' Jennifer Ebert, digital editor at Homes & Gardens, states. She continues, 'The small sink makes washing delicate glassware separately from more heavy-duty plates and bowls easy.' As the home bar becomes more popular, the function should be front of mind.

Jennifer adds: 'Whether you have an entire bar room or just a bar cart, prioritizing the balance of functionality and beauty will help you serve alcohol in a way that stands out.'

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Yet again, Stanley Tucci nails it. His home bar is the 'bar' all must rise to meet as the trend becomes more popular.

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