5 design tips to steal from this shoe designer’s whimsical Venice kitchen

From a striking color scheme to unique personal details, Aquazurra founder Edgardo Osorio showed us round his new kitchen on the banks of the Grand Canal

A kitchen with turquoise cooking range and turquoise tiled walls hand-painted with muralistic motifs of birds, animals, fruit trees and flowers
(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

‘During the renovation of my new home in Venice, I was looking for a special kitchen that was truly unique,’ said Edgardo Osorio, Founder and Creative Director of luxury Italian footwear brand Aquazzura. ‘I’ve never been a big fan of kitchen environments and for this reason I wanted to design one where spending time was a pleasure.’ 

To create the kitchen ideas of his Venetian dreams, Osorio actually looked back to his home city of Florence, and specifically to locally based kitchen brand Officine Gullo. 

Inspired by parallel loves of Florentine craftsmanship and detail, Osorio and the company worked together to design and build his bespoke kitchen, and now have further interior projects in the pipeline. 

From unique kitchen color ideas to taking inspiration from other rooms of the house, Osorio gave us a tour of the kitchen and showed us what makes it an exciting addition to his already remarkable home. 

1. Respect a period property, but make your mark 

The entrance of a turquiose kitchen inside a 15th century Venetian home

(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

Not only is Osorio’s kitchen unique, but the whole property could easily be considered among the world’s best homes. Palazzo Corner Spinelli is located on the Grand Canal in the San Marco district of Venice and dates back to the 15th century, with a stunning facade representing the architectural transition from Gothic to Renaissance.  

With so much history packed into this period property, it can be daunting to make new additions. As you can see from the entrance, period features have largely been retained while the traditional kitchen ideas have been brought up to date. Choosing a scheme that is sympathetic to Venice’s historically flamboyant style means that Osorio has made his mark on the home while still respecting its past. 

2. Don’t be afraid of color

The built-in fridge of a turquoise kitchen with hand painted bird and tree illustration

(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

‘Gullo kitchens are beautiful, colorful, full of unique details and handcrafted in Florence,’ said Osorio. All-out color has made a real comeback in kitchens and bathrooms in recent years, and Osorio’s home shows no sign of the trend slowing. The very first thing you notice about this space is the blue kitchen ideas – namely the vivid turquoise hue that leads the design, covering everything from the walls to the appliances. Broken only by neutrals in the parquet floor and grey marble, it’s an unendingly chic shade that channels the surrounding waters of Venice. 

3. Treat your kitchen like a living room 

A kitchen with turquoise tiled walls hand-painted with muralistic motifs of birds, animals, fruit trees and flowers

(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

As the kitchen is not usually Osorio’s favorite room of the house, he looked to living room ideas to draw inspiration for his perfect cooking space. 

‘The initial idea for the kitchen came about after visiting Villa Necchi in Milan,’ said Osorio. ‘In the villa, there’s a room that features a hand-painted winter garden and I immediately fell in love with it. I always wanted to create a kitchen that resembled a living room and to do so I retrieved botanical drawings from the 18th century from which I drew inspiration for the trees and plants I wanted to use, mixing the flora of different seasons of the year.’

4. Get professional with your appliances

A turquoise kitchen with large turquoise range, nickel details and copper cooking pots

(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

For keen cooks, the quality of your cooking technology has to be at the forefront of any kitchen design. Not only are kitchen appliances from Officine Gullo shown here exceptionally beautiful, they are also professional grade in their performance level. These include the stunning turquoise range with nickel finishes, and the built-in refrigerator, which is surrounded by painted birds, trees and flowers. 

Officine Gullo is also soon to launch a limited-edition series of hand-painted cooking appliances decorated with the patterns of the new Aquazzura Casa tableware collection, set to be presented at the next Fuorisalone event.

5. Add personal touches in the details 

Detail of a turquoise cooking range with pineapples embossed onto nickel knobs

(Image credit: Officine Gullo/Aquazzura)

Going bespoke means you can get a kitchen that is exactly right for your space, but it also offers the chance to create something that is totally unique to you. ‘The walls are all hand painted and Aquazzura’s iconic logo, the pineapple, is featured in the doors and knobs for a whimsical and personal touch,’ says Osorio. ‘Creating this means the kitchen has truly become the heart of my home.’ 

While achieving this level of personalisation on your appliances may be difficult, consider creating hand painted designs on your units and walls and featuring motifs that have a meaning personal to you. 

Interior Design / Edgardo Osorio, Founder and Creative Director of Aquazzura

Kitchen Design / Officine Gullo 

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