Decorator's address book: the best places to shop rugs of all shapes and sizes, according to interior designers

Whether vintage and charming or simple and grounding, a stylish rug is the comfort-forward upgrade every room needs

Three living rooms with statement rugs
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Decorators Address Book is a monthly series in which our Interior Design team finds out where designers like to browse and shop for their projects. Each edition focuses on a different element of home decor to bring you the best expert-recommended stores.

This month's edition of H&G's new series, the Decorator's Address Book, is all about rugs. The perfect rug can be quite hard to find, and the vast range of sizes, colors, textures, materials and patterns available only serves to complicate the purchasing process. But there's no getting around rugs – they're a must-have in just about every room of the house. Whether you're on the hunt for something vintage and characterful or lush and cozy, you'll need to know where to find high-quality, timeless pieces.

To get a sense of the best, no-fail places to buy rugs, we turned to interior designers who source (and style) all things interiors for a living. After speaking with more than 20 experts, we've compiled a rundown of the best rug-buying destinations across the country. With a mix of local vendors and national suppliers, this designer-recommended list has you covered. No matter your style preference or location, choosing rugs will be a breeze with this expert insight on hand.

1. Amara Rugs

A living room with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, wooden shelves and two gray armchairs

(Image credit: Hawk & Co.)

Summer Jensen, CEO and founder of Laguna Beach-based Hawk & Co.

'What I love about Amara– first their dedication to bettering the communities their rugs are made in is phenomenal. They have been able to start schools, build a hospital and keep villages supported during disaster weather.

Besides that, they have a line of all undyed, sustainable natural rugs that is the perfect complement to any setting from transitional to modern (this line was just put into Obama’s home in Hawaii)!'

2. Annie Selke

A dining room with a striped rug, floral wallpaper and a grand piano

(Image credit: Tina Michelle Photo / Vitale Design Group)

Alexis Vitale, founder and principal designer of Hermosa Beach, California-based Vitale Design Group

'One of our favorite lines is Dash & Albert by Annie Selke. Rugs are such an integral part in design as they not only accentuate a space, but they make you feel warm, and bring comfort and create a more inviting environment.'

'Annie Selke offers that and so much more as they design to meet every lifestyle and are committed to making beautiful products to inspire how you live.'

3. Armadillo

A neutral bedroom with a light brown rug and wooden paneling on the wall

(Image credit: Charlotte Lea Photography / a NABER Design)

Brittany Hakimfar, lead designer of Philadelphia-based Far Studio

'We love Armadillo for rugs because their aesthetic is truly aligned with our own. They have a wonderful selection of neutral colors as well as some beautiful saturated colors that really vibe with our interiors. We also love the soft texture of their rugs and the curated selection.'

Lisa Schwert, founder and lead designer of New York- and Connecticut-based Innate Studio

'We mainly work with vintage and new rugs made of natural fibers such as wool, linen, and jute. One of our favorite sources is Armadillo, a female-owned B-corp known for its support of artisanship and sustainability. Their rugs are not only beautiful and luxurious but also environmentally conscious.'

Abbie Naber, owner and principal designer of San Diego-based A. Naber Design

'I love their products because they are made from 100% natural fibers and are constructed of the highest quality materials. The rugs are built to last a lifetime and should be considered long-term investments. They are sustainable as well. I love the color offerings from Armadillo and Co and find that their designs are versatile and can fit a multitude of different project styles.'

4. Art and Loom

A gray dining room with a statement light fixture and gray and blue area rug

(Image credit: Nicole Hirsch Interiors)

Nicole Hirsch, founder and principal of Massachusetts-based Nicole Hirsch Interiors

'Our go-to vendor for custom rugs. When our clients want a real statement on the floor and a gorgeous blend of wool, silk, interesting shapes and colors. This is our first stop. The team there is so knowledgeable and never lets us down.'

5. Crosby Street Studios

A textured rug in a large living room with a white sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows

(Image credit: Regan Wood / Amy Kalikow Design)

Amy Kalikow, founder and principal of New York-based Amy Kalikow Design

'One of our favorite rug suppliers is Crosby Street Carpet. We work with them on a lot of our custom rugs. They really understand our vision and have unique and creative solutions which help us fit every client's needs and each individual space we work on. They are also really reliable which is very important to us.'

6. Driscoll Robbins

A dining room with a wooden table, pink and red patterned chairs and a colorful rug

(Image credit: Regan Wood / AM Interior Design)

Aimee Meisgeier, founder and lead designer of Pacific Northwest-based AM Interior Design

'I source a lot of rugs for my interior design projects at Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets in Seattle, Washington. They are my local go-to for custom, one of a kind and high end rugs. I always find the perfect rug to fit any project from Driscoll Robbins.'

'They have tons of options in their showroom or they can search from the inventories of their numerous sources to procure just what I need to add that perfect touch to a space. Not only do they carry a wide variety of beautiful rugs or can customize a rug to fit any of my project’s needs but their customer service is top notch. No matter who you work with at Driscoll Robbins, you can be sure you and your design project will be well taken care of.'

7. Esmaili Rugs and Antiques

A living room with white boucle armchairs, open shelving, and a large piece of art over a mantle

(Image credit: Photography by Kirsten Francis / Styling by Katja Greeff / DATE Interiors)

Molly Torres Portnof, founder and principal of New York-based DATE Interiors

'Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, a Texas-based rug dealer, is a tried and true source for us when we're looking for special vintage and antique rugs, like the vintage oushak used in our Upper West Side project.'

8. Jaipur Living

A bedroom with a black and white striped rug, black bedframe and blue pillows

(Image credit: Life Created / Living with Lolo)

Tama Bell, founder and principal of Northern California-based Tama Bell Design, Inc.

'The base layer, flooring and rugs, are often the jumping-off point for us to start the building of a room. Quiet or bold, that decision can set the direction for the space and help us in making the rest of the choices when designing a room.'

'One of our favorite vendors is Jaipur Living. They are a go-to for us for a number of reasons. They have a solid variety of stock sizes, can customize for larger or smaller areas and they have a wide range of styles and price points.'

Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Living with Lolo

'Our preferred brand for sourcing rugs is Jaipur Living. We're impressed by their collection and, most importantly, by our dedicated rep. She collaborated with us to devise a method for ordering custom-sized rugs without the extended lead times of a fully custom order. We opt for the next size up from what is needed, and for a nominal fee, Jaipur customizes the rug to fit just right.'

'This arrangement benefits all involved, ensuring our clients receive rugs in the sizes they need within a timeline that suits us. Unlike the extended lead time associated with fully custom rugs, this approach aligns well with the furniture we order. Having a foundational piece like a rug ready on time is crucial for a complete room installation.'

9. Kathy Kuo Home

A blue vintage-style rug from Kathy Kuo Home in a living room

(Image credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

Kathy Kuo, interior designer and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home

'I am biased here, but Kathy Kuo Home has an unbeatable assortment of beautiful rugs that lend themselves to projects of different styles, budgets, and size and scopes.'

'We also have a wide assortment of performance rugs and outdoor rugs. The KKH rug collection includes beloved brands like STARK, Loloi, and Exquisite Rugs and rugs of all sizes, including runners, area rugs, and throw rugs.'

10. Loloi

A living room with a gray sofa, fireplace and vintage-style rug from Loloi

(Image credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D

'Loloi is a great option as they carry a variety of styles and the quality is great. They match the quality with excellent customer service and they stand behind their product! I always love to check out their one-of-a-kind section for some unique finds.'

11. Lorena Canals

A neutral living room with white walls, a light gray sofa and a textured rug

(Image credit: Janis Nicolay / PURE Design)

Ami Mckay, president and principal at Vancouver-based PURE Design Inc.

'Ami loves using Lorena Canals rugs, in particular, the washable line. We carry these rugs in our PURE Shoppe; they are natural, beautiful, handcrafted and ethically made. Lorena Canals has a factory in India where 170 artisans are employed under fair trade practices. The wool and cotton are sustainable, and the designs are innovative and simple. The fact that they are washable is the cherry on top!'


A living room with white walls, a tan textured rug, and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Julie Soefer / Marie Flanigan Interiors)

Marie Flanigan, founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors and

'I recently launched my eponymous e-commerce website, I wanted to offer a place to shop interior pieces that reflected my design style and ethos and was available beyond the trade.'

' includes a range of rugs that I designed and use in many of my own interior design projects. The collection includes a variety of styles made from wool, jute, natural fibers, and even washable options, providing both beauty and practicality.'

'Additionally, I curated a selection of vintage rugs that are also available on the website. I absolutely love vintage rugs, as each piece has its own unique history and charm, adding character to any room. I’d love for you to shop and discover our beautiful rugs that will complement and elevate your everyday.'

13. Matt Camron Rugs

Paul Corrie, founder and principal of Washington, D.C.-based Paul Corrie Interiors

'They have a gorgeous collection and balance and new and antique rugs. We particularly like using their Oushak rugs and flat weaves in our projects, and because we’re Washington-DC based, our clients can view their options locally.'

14. Nordic Knots

A living room with a sectional and a olive green rug

(Image credit: Charlotte Lea Photography / a NABER Design)

Abbie Naber, owner and principal designer of San Diego-based A. Naber Design

'Nordic Knots has great minimal styles and exudes that Scandinavian-style influence. I find that their solid rugs in particular are plush, and very well-pigmented. They have a great price point for 100% wool rugs.'

15. Once a Tree Furniture

A white living room with a white sofa, fireplace and gray rug

(Image credit: Enviable Designs)

Victoria Mckenney, principal of Vancouver-based Enviable Designs Inc.

'This is a living room we designed, furnished and styled that showcases a beautiful hand-knotted rug with silk threads throughout. We love sourcing rugs from this local shop because they carry such an array of styles with varying price points, that we always find the perfect fit for our clients.'

16. Patterson Flynn

Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D

'This showroom is a classic staple in the rug market, you really can’t go wrong with them. The quality is unmistakable and they have a plethora of options to pull from.'

17. Rosemary Hallgarten

A bedroom with a white textured rug, a console table and a TV mounted to a white wall

(Image credit: Nicole Hirsch Interiors)

Nicole Hirsch, founder and principal of Massachusetts-based Nicole Hirsch Interiors

'For neutral texture that’s luxurious and plush we always look to Rosemary’s line.'

18. Ruggable

ruggable farmhouse living room large rug

(Image credit: Ruggable)

Theresa Butler, principal and founder of Atlanta-based Theresa Butler Interiors

'The TBI team holds a special appreciation for certain rug suppliers, namely Surya, Etsy, Safavieh, and Ruggable. Considering our clientele often includes growing families seeking both aesthetics and practicality, we find Ruggable's stylish, washable rugs to be an ideal solution.'

19. The Rug Company

A neutral living room with gold and white chairs, a pink sofa, and a large mirror over a fireplace

(Image credit: Aimee Mazzenga / Wendy Labrum Interiors)

Wendy Labrum, founder and principal of Chicago-based Wendy Labrum Interiors

'We love sourcing rugs from The Rug Company. Not only do they have amazing patterns with the most vibrant colors, but they offer great neutral rugs in all different textures and price points. Most importantly, their service is excellent. We love working with our local reps who ensure that the process goes smoothly from beginning to end.'

Philip Thomas Vanderford, owner and lead designer of Dallas-based Studio Thomas James

'The Rug Company is a “go-to” source for our studio because of their unparalleled selection of luxurious, hand-knotted rugs crafted by skilled artisans, including collaborations with renowned names in fashion and interior design, such as Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith.'

'I turn to The Rug Company for their craftsmanship and the ability to customize designs to a client's aesthetic and spatial requirements. The quality of their materials and the artistry involved in their production ensure that each rug is not only beautiful but also durable.'

20. Safavieh

A living room with a black leather sofa, millwork on the walls and a textured rug

(Image credit: Marc Mauldin / Theresa Butler Interiors)

Theresa Butler, principal and founder of Atlanta-based Theresa Butler Interiors

'Safavieh impresses with its diverse styles and quality offerings, allowing us to cater to clients with various budgetary needs.'


A moody office with a brown and white patterned rug and a chandelier light fixture

(Image credit: Studio Thomas James)

Philip Thomas Vanderford, owner and lead designer of Dallas-based Studio Thomas James

'Stark Carpet is known in our industry for their innovation and quality. With an extensive selection of custom rugs in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, and collections ranging from traditional to contemporary in design, they make it easy to find the ideal, unique piece for our projects.'

'Their bespoke services allow for tailored solutions, ensuring that the rugs meet the specific needs and tastes of my clients. Our design firm, Studio Thomas James, relies on Stark Carpet for their vast selection and exceptional quality, which in turn helps us create sophisticated and cohesive interiors.'

Kriste Michelini, founder and principal of California-based Kriste Michelini Design

'I love shopping at Stark Carpet for our projects because their selection is unparalleled, offering a wide variety of styles and materials that cater to every design need. One of my favorite brands they carry is Stark Performance Carpet, which holds up to a busy household. Shopping at Stark Carpet ensures that we always find the perfect piece to complete our vision with elegance and timelessness.'

22. Surya

A neutral living room featuring a Surya patterned rug

(Image credit: Surya)

Theresa Butler, principal and founder of Atlanta-based Theresa Butler Interiors

'Surya stands out for its versatility, offering options suitable for all clients, regardless of budget constraints.'

From vibrant and unique to classic and timeless, there's something for everyone – and every home – at arm's reach. Whether you're searching for the perfect dining room rug, need an entryway rug that greets visitors with a smile, or simply want to browse, designers say to keep these recommendations close.

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