5 color palettes inspired by the best looks from the Met Gala 2024 – Zendaya's dress is my new living room scheme

Farrow & Ball have created the perfect color schemes from the Met Gala's best dressed

Farrow & Ball Met Gala color palettes
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Like many of us last night, I spent it in my unglamorous sweatpants scrolling through the internet giving my (unsolicited) opinions on the Met Gala outfits. It's become somewhat of a tradition, I am on UK time, so I take to bed with my phone and stay up as late as possible watching the guests arrive, seeing who's done what this year, what crazy beautiful outfits have been thought up, and how everyone has interpreted the theme – this year it was Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, with the more specific dress code of The Garden of Time.

The Met Gala never disappoints, but this year it felt extra magical. The outfits were some of the best I have seen in years and even the carpet itself was dressed in ethereal green and delicate foliage. 

Of course, I also look at the Met Gala with my interiors eye too, the whole theme fits with so many interior design trends we have seen in 2024. The darker jewel-toned colors, the influences from nature, romantic, fairytale-like styles. The fashion and interior design worlds are constantly influencing one another, so it's hardly a surprise I saw so many design trends everyone is loving reflected on the green carpet last night. 

Farrow & Ball Met Gala color schemes

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Clearly, I wasn't the only one who was thinking interiors while taking in the Met Gala coverage. Iconic paint brand Farrow & Ball, posted the perfect Instagram post this morning, creating color and pattern palettes from the best looks of the Met Gala 2024. 

The post includes the outfits of Zendaya, Deborah Roberts, Gwendoline Christie, Giovanna Engelbert, Anok Yai, Imaan Hammam, Karlie Kloss, and Jamie Dornan. Each has been color-matched with a Farrow & Ball paint or wallpaper, and seeing the swatches really gives a clear idea of the palette of the event on the whole. There were so many rich jewel tones, dark reds, clashed with pale pastels.

'Fashion has influenced many Interior trends through color, materials, and silhouettes. From Quiet Luxury to The unexpected Red theory, fashion has played a significant role in shaping interiors in recent years,' explains Charlotte Cosby, Farrow & Ball's Creative Director.

'There was a definite ethereal, gothic feel to many of the looks for the 2024 MET GALA with nuanced shades of black and complex layering making multiple appearances on the red carpet. We wanted to select looks that represented everything, but we particularly enjoyed the abundance of color.'

'I had so much fun interpreting these fashion looks into interiors – with color anything can be your inspiration!  and hopefully these schemes will inspire people to be just as brave in their interiors. I'd love to see Zendaya's scheme come to life.' 

Farrow & Ball Met Gala color palettes

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Zendaya's dress(es) was perhaps the most talked about of the evening, and thanks to Farrow & Ball her deep blue gown, by Maison Margiela’s John Galliano, has become the inspiration for my living room makeover. 

I've been wanting to move away from my white walls and create a room that feels more cozy and cocooning and this moody blue, slightly gothic color palette is perfect. A sample of Stiffkey Blue is on its way to me, and I love the mix of florals and stripes with the two wallpapers. There's an art to mixing pattern, but pairing a broad stripe with a busier, smaller pattern is a combo that always works. 

There's a gothic feel to this look that leans into the love of moody shades we are seeing in 2024 color trends, plus the revival of more ornate design styles like Regency and Victorian.  

Farrow & Ball Met Gala color palettes

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

I asked some of the H&G team for their favorite looks that transcend just fashion and would work just as well in interior design. Our editor Jennifer Ebert was drawn to the deep reds and how they often clashed with pale, softer pastel hues. 

She explains, 'Fashion’s obsession with unexpected red has been impossible to ignore in 2024, seen on the runway, the red carpet and more recently in our homes. But if you are at a loss with how to pair this energetic color, look no further than blue. Red and pale blue, as seen on Jamie Dornan, is a powerful duo that will pack a decorative punch. There is no better way to introduce a dose of dopamine to your home.'

Farrow & Ball Met Gala color palettes

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Our head of celebrity, Megan Slack is obviously well versed in how celebrity style can have an impact on interior trends. She explains about her favorite look, 'Rising to significance in the 18th century, Toile de Jouy is a traditional French design that is celebrated globally for its storytelling of natural, wholesome scenes – but there’s no more beautiful (or vibrant) homage to this style than Deborah Roberts’s yellow gown.'

'This Harlem Toile x Mark Ingram piece features dreamlike nature-scape sketches that likely tap into the Garden of Time Met Gala theme. When bringing this into our home (most often through wallpaper), we should look for bucolic scenes that illustrate scenarios that we would consider simplistic in the contemporary world (however these were once an elevation of society/a dream). Or, naturally, Farrow & Ball’s Gable is another stunning alternative.'

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