The ten most popular Farrow & Ball paint colours, according to the Internet

Unsurprisingly, grey is still the most popular interior colour.

Inky blues, dusky pinks and olive greens may be stealing the spotlight right now, but if you’re looking for a beautiful, hardworking shade to suit any space, it doesn’t get much better than a gorgeous grey.

‘This versatile neutral is wonderful as a striking statement or subtle background shade, and there’s one (or more) on our colour card for every kind of space,’ says Farrow & Ball colour specialists.

So, what are the most popular colour trends in 2020?

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Neither too warm nor too cool, Cornforth White is an extremely versatile and understated colour. Decorating schemes will never tire of white but an all-white scheme can make a real statement. Glamorous yet relaxed, mix up different tones of white for a fresh and airy feel.

Farrow & Ball paint


Ammonite is named after the treasured fossils often found on the Dorset coast. It has a fantastically understated quality. Its subtle grey tones create a hushed, calming feel.

Farrow & Ball white paint

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More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name from. The bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.

Farrow & Ball

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Down Pipe, a dark lead grey, has definite blue undertones to it which deepen the complexity of the finish. ‘Originally inspired by the colour used to paint downpipes and guttering, it has been embraced for use inside the home with fanatical zeal,’ says Farrow & Ball colour specialists.

Farrow & Ball downpipes


This warm and contemporary grey is renowned for its characterful paint name, originally created by John Fowler, the notable English interior designer. Elephant’s Breath reads as an uplifting mid grey with its hint of magenta, but can become almost lilac in the cooler light of west facing rooms.

Farrow & Ball white paint

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This strong blue takes its name from the fantastically coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works wonderfully to ground skirtings or as an accent colour.

Farrow & Ball best paint

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This cool white is both strong by name and strong by nature. The subtle urban feel of its light grey undertones add a contemporary twist to period homes.

Skylight Farrow & Ball

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This pale blue grey takes its name from the soft natural light that often pours through ceiling skylights. This is a definite cool blue when used in small spaces but becoming paler and greyer when used in larger areas.

Farrow & Ball skylight


This stony off white takes its name from a 19th century skim, or plaster colour, but often reminds us of childhood afternoons skimming stones. With its warm light grey undertones, Skimming Stone is extremely versatile and particularly suited to soothing bedroom schemes.


This inky blue is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue. Although traditional in feel, Stiffkey Blue is often used as an alternative to Down Pipe to create a richly dramatic space with a more contemporary finish.

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Soft and subtle, light grey can be used anywhere you’d consider a white. Far from looking spartan, it can add character and depth to even the simplest of spaces.

‘The most important aspect of using colour in 2020 is to create spaces that are warm and welcoming for our friends and family – colours that make us feel proud of our homes. Strong colours suit rooms we use at the end of the day when we want to relax and be comforted,’ advises Joa Studhome, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator.

The research comes from who used the search engine tool SEMrush to explore the most searched for interior colours. The research also looked into colours from Dulux and Little Greene, and found that grey was the most popular choice with each brand. Meanwhile, white and beige interior colours are second favourite, and slowly increasing in popularity as we come out of winter.

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