Little Greene's newest color collection is inspired by iconic desserts – it's perfect for creating restful spaces in 2024

These indulgent neutrals are timeless and endlessly versatile

neutral colored kitchens
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Paint company Little Greene has unveiled its newest color palette, and it's all about rich and warm neutral shades to create a timeless look in the home. 

The collection, dubbed 'Sweet Treats' takes inspiration from iconic desserts, mimicking the deep hues of caramel, honey, and chocolate. Enticing names such as 'Affogato', 'Muscovado', and 'Ganache' feature across each of the colors: it's the ultimate indulgent take on color trends.

Spanning nine different shades, each new hue is versatile for use across the home and is ideal for creating comfortable and cocooning spaces that feel endlessly cozy – perfect for fall decor ideas.

Inspiration behind the 'Sweet Treats' collection

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The new dessert-inspired colors are an elevated take on decorating with neutrals, ranging from warming golden and caramel hues to soft and muted pinks. The collection's darker shades are deep tones of terracotta and rich chocolate colors. 

'Earthy shades, particularly browns have historically been used for their practicality, and are often dismissed as being dated or dull. However, rich warm colors based on umber and ochre deliver cocooning, restful and charming spaces,' explains Creative Director at Little Greene, Ruth Mottershead.

Ruth Mottershead
Ruth Mottershead

Ruth Mottershead is a color and interior design expert who works as Creative Director at Little Greene, a brand renowned for its beautiful paint and wallpaper collections, many of which are inspired by nature.

'Deeper, richer caramels are perfect for creating enticing and sumptuous spaces, whilst soft golds provide comfort and reflect the desire to create warmth within our homes,' Mottershead says.

How to use the colors in your home

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Mottershead continues to explain: 'We have had a lot of fun developing this capsule collection. The ‘Sweet Treats’ palette aims to challenge the perception that browns are outdated and unusable, providing delicious hues that bring elegance and sophistication to any interior.'

Thanks to the neutral and understated nature of the colors in the new collection, each shade is versatile and easy to style in a number of ways throughout the home. Color experts at Little Greene recommend opting to embrace color drenching for an enclosing feel: a decor choice that is ideal for creating a cocoon-like and cozy feel in a room. 

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Opting to pair the neutrals with darker brown and black colors creates a striking effect, whilst bringing in soft whites works as an elegant complementary color, according to the Little Greene experts.

The pared-back look of each of the colors makes them ideal for decorating modern and traditional homes in equal measure, and the classic qualities of these rich neutrals steer away from being overly trendy but rather colors that remain their timeless appeal for years to come.


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When can I shop the 'Sweet Treats' collection?

The Sweet Treats color collection is available from 18th September. You can find out more information at

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