Martyn Lawrence Bullard's bold bathroom tiles 'signal a shift towards daring interiors' in 2024, according to designers

Bathrooms have historically been some of the most neutral spaces in our homes. In 2024 it's time to be bold

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Move over warm neutrals, there's a new color trend in town: emerald green. Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the definitive expert on all things bold in design, took to Instagram to share a daring emerald and kelly green bathroom he designed for a Hollywood client and we can't believe how stunning it looks. 

The Moroccan-inspired bathroom takes influence from the famed Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech. It features traditional tiles imported from Fez and Moorish gold accessories. Experts say that the daring shade will be everywhere in 2024.

First, interior designers say that this bathroom design is an excellent choice because of the effects of green in particular. Meg Lavalette, Manhattan-based interior designer at LAVA interiors states: 'Green will always be a fresh color that means life and vitality. Homeowners are asking for some color back in their world and green is a safe and classic way to bring that vibrant color of nature indoors.'

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Meg Lavalette

Meg Lavalette is the principal designer and owner of LAVA interiors, an interior design firm based in Manhattan. The firm also has a satellite office in Colorado and a shop in the Catskills. She studied at Parsons School of Design and worked for several AD100 firms before opening her own business.

On the subject of the bold bathroom tiles, Niko Rasides, Design Director at Nicholas Anthony adds: 'Green is often associated with nature, growth, and tranquillity. In the context of a bathroom, these tiles bring a sense of rejuvenation and serenity, transforming the space into a verdant oasis.'

Nicholas Anthony
Niko Rasides

Niko Rasides is the design director of Nicholas Anthony, a family-run business founded in the UK in 1963, specializing in the design and installation of high-end, ultra-contemporary as well as classic and traditional kitchens, bathrooms and home interiors.

He continues, 'The color green is also known for its calming effects, making it a particularly suitable choice for a room dedicated to relaxation and self-care. Meanwhile, the glossy finish of the tiles enhances the play of light, creating a luminous and spacious feel in small bathrooms.'

Furthermore, experts say that green bathrooms are a budding trend. Meg states: 'Gone are the days of everything neutral. We’ve been seeing a moment of everything green in the design world for a couple of years, and it’s here to stay.' Niko echoes her point adding, 'The bold choice of color reflects a departure from the neutral palettes that have dominated recent years, signaling a shift towards more daring and personalized interiors. Influenced by a desire for uniqueness and a connection with nature, this trend has gained momentum in both residential and commercial spaces.'

'Interior design has witnessed a resurgence of bold choices, and among them, the use of emerald green tiles in bathrooms has emerged as a captivating trend that introduces a breath of fresh air into interior spaces. Its effects are both visually striking and emotionally calming, making it a compelling option for those seeking to redefine their bathroom aesthetics,' Niko continues. 

If you're unconvinced about retiling your entire bathroom to create green walls, boldly colored accessories like a soap pump, a wastebasket, or tray can allow you to try out the trend without the commitment. We're huge fans of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's designs at H&G, and we can't wait to see the other trends he inspires in the new year. 

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