What color hardware goes with a white kitchen? Interior designers share their favorite combinations

Elevate white cabinets with these designer-approved hardware finishes

What color hardware goes with a white kitchen
(Image credit: Gruver Cooley & Frazier Springfield/Naked Kitchens)

If you're wondering what color hardware goes with a white kitchen, you'll be glad to know it offers some of the most versatile options. This neutral hue pairs with warm and cold tones, as well as more colorful designs.

If you're searching for white kitchen ideas to inspire a complete renovation or a simple refresh, hardware is the finishing touch that completes the aesthetic you're trying to achieve. But sometimes, with so many options, it can be difficult to decide what color hardware to pair with your white kitchen.

To help you narrow down your options, we've asked interior designers for their go-to hardware color for a white kitchen – and their choices include a pairing to suit almost any interior design style.

What color hardware goes with a white kitchen?

A white kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen colors – versatile and transitional, you'll find this neutral hue fits into many kitchen styles. The kitchen hardware you choose is one of the main components that differentiates your kitchen's aesthetic, so making the right choice is key to a successful scheme.

1. Gold

White kitchen with polished nickel cabinet handles

(Image credit: Gruver Cooley/Frazier Springfield)

Some hardware colors can create a classic feel to a white kitchen. A warmer hardware finish like gold can instantly elevate the scheme and instantly make your kitchen feel more luxurious.

'Hardware finish always depends on all aspects chosen for a design, but I do have a soft spot for gold! It seems to add warmth to an all-white space and give it a little more character. I also think it's softer on the eyes and therefore can help give your design a better flow,' says Cathleen Gruver, of Northern Virginia-based design firm Gruver Cooley.

Kitchens can often feel colder and more sterile, so introducing gold hardware can counteract that, and add a subtle contrast. 'Doing this can help warm up your space and give it a less sterile feel that all white cabinets tend to give off,' she adds.

2. Chrome

White and wood kitchen with chrome hardware

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

This year, the chrome decor trend has sparked the revival of cool-toned metals. And while they fell out of popularity as gold and brass tones took center stage, chrome kitchen hardware has long been a favorable choice for a white kitchen.

'White is a timeless color for kitchen cabinets and is a great backdrop for a multitude of hardware finishes. For a more modern kitchen, we love to combine white with a chrome finish. This gives a wonderfully fresh look to the kitchen,' says Jayne Everett, creative director at Naked Kitchens.

Chrome hardware creates a more modern finish in a kitchen, but paired with a classic cabinet style, such as shaker style, they can combine to create a more transitional kitchen scheme.

3. Brass

A white kitchen with fluted sink, brass taps, off-white shaker cabinets and shiplap walls, with wooden frame to large window

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you want to achieve a more traditional white kitchen design, the hardware you choose is key. Opting for something with a heritage feel that will patina beautifully over time will create a more classic appeal.

'Choosing a golden metallic finish for the hardware can add warmth to a white kitchen. There are many gold and brass options, but if you want something darker and more distinctive, consider kitchen hardware with a bronze finish,' suggests Nigel Palmer, of House of Rohl.

Brass hardware, while still warm in tone, has a deeper finish than gold, and adds a more traditional aesthetic. It will also help to tie in other darker materials within a white kitchen, such as dark wood flooring or ceiling beams.

4. Matte black

A white kitchen with an island

(Image credit: Stephani Buchman / Diana Bastone Designs)

Monochromatic schemes are a tasteful yet dramatic way to add contrast to a space. And if you're searching for black and white kitchen ideas, white cabinetry can look really striking when paired with matte black hardware.

'White is an extremely versatile color and can therefore be paired with a range of finishes and colors. For a more contemporary look, a matte black finish creates a monochrome scheme that is both practical and minimalist,' says Paul Clifford, managing director at Croft.

Black hardware can also add a more industrial feel to a white kitchen, especially with a matte finish. Black and white is a great pairing if you like to switch up your kitchen decor regularly, as these two classic colors match almost every color palette.

5. Wood

White kitchen with natural wood hardware

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

An emerging kitchen trend, natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular, adding natural appeal and a softer finish to schemes. They also pair beautifully with white kitchen cabinets, a combination championed by Scandinavian kitchen design.

'For a great Scandi look, timber works wonderfully, especially when used as a feature such as our long bar handles for tall cabinetry. These also combine well with both brass and chrome finishes for the base and wall cabinetry,' says Jayne.

In this kitchen, white cabinets on the far wall have been fitted with extra-long wooden cabinet handles, which add a statement feature. Complimented by the wood flooring, the space feels warm and inviting.

White kitchens pair wonderfully with a range of hardware colors, but there are some combinations interior designers and kitchen experts favor. So, whether you prefer a traditional scheme, something more modern, or even pared-back Scandi designs, there's a hardware color to suit every white kitchen scheme.

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