'You're dating your interiors to please somebody else': Breegan Jane cautions against this color trend mistake

'If you’re not drawn to fuchsia but feel like you’re supposed to have fuchsia in your place, don’t do it – follow your instinct'

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Decorating with bold colors takes confidence, and living with them definitely isn't for everyone.

However, punchy color trends are hugely popular at the moment, and many of us are being lured into the trap of falling for them, only to find they just don't work for us when they're adorning our walls or furniture. 

Breegan Jane, the LA-based interior designer and host of HGTV's Dream Home has some strong words about ignoring interior design trends, in particular this one, in favor of staying true to what you love in an exclusive discussion with H&G recently. Here's what she suggests home decorators do instead.

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Breegan Jane

Breegan Jane is a TV host, designer, entrepreneur & philanthropist in Los Angeles. Breegan’s signature style meshes the artistic and elegant with livable comfort. She achieves a stunning, modern aesthetic with decor that maximizes elegance and fosters simplicity, serenity, and supreme comfort.

Breegan Jane talked to us at some length about paint trends, and we shouldn't get caught up or be swayed by the daring combinations that have become more popular in the last few years.

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'I’m happy that we are exploring with color, but I think if it’s not to your natural instinct, and you are following the trend of bold color, I think you’re dating your interiors to please somebody else and not yourself,' says Breegan Jane. 'If you are that person, I think the world has given you a lot of options in putting yellow with green with pink, and that’s great.

'But you know inherently whether or not that’s who you are as a person, so I’m just hesitant of somebody trying to emulate a trend that’s not inherently in them, thinking, "I need to put yellow with green with pink" because everybody is doing these cool, bright, bold colors. So just be careful with that.'

Breegan Jane is known for her luxurious designs, which are often monochromatic, and, most importantly, say something about the people that live in them.

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Different colors', shapes' and styles' popularity swing on a pendulum, and while a post-modern or 'Gen Z' aesthetic, Memphis Group-inspired bold colors and '90s silhouettes are having a moment right now, this will not last forever. 

So it's always a safer to embrace color in a more nuanced way. Breegan suggests picking one color and sticking to it. 

'Don’t feel like you have to emulate what’s out there. There are plenty of cool soothing tones, and there are a lot of natural woods that we’re seeing everywhere,' she adds. 'If you’re not drawn to fuchsia but feel like you’re supposed to have fuchsia in your place, don’t do it, follow your instinct.'

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The designer says that she loves a nice bold jacket every now and then, but 90% of the time she'll be seen wearing black and white. Follow her lead and avoid making a permanent mistake by adding color with accessories, artwork or simply a bouquet of flowers, and take time to work out the kind of color palette you really love, whether it's neutrals, autumnal tones or, indeed, bright pink, yellow and green.

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