The best Cyber Week refrigerator deals – I found $1,750 off my favorite

I've curated a list of the seven best Cyber Week refrigerator deals, across LG, Samsung, Miele and more. There's really only one to consider though.

My favorite Cyber Week refrigerator deal, A Frigidaire Gallery 21.3 Cu. Ft fridge
(Image credit: Frgidaire)

You're using your refrigerator all the time, even when you're sleeping. They might cost a few thousand, but divide that by the days that you use them for the years that they last, and you get exceptional value out of even the most luxury models. 

I've been watching the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales all month and I just can't keep these to myself any more. Some of the best refrigerators on the market have had their RRPs slashed by nearly 50%, saving you $1,750. All things considered, I think the Cyber Monday refrigerator deals are the best I've seen all weekend.

I've found some impressive savings, but I've also found some pretty deceptive discounts too. To save you scrolling, I've picked my single favorite refrigerator deal. It's the only one you need to see. If that doesn't suit you, I've given another six options to consider. Outside of those seven, don't waste your time. The other deals aren't worth rushing for. 

Here's everything you need to know to save hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Quick Links

Cyber Week marks the end of the Black Friday discounts and thus of many of the best deals available. If the price panic is hitting you and you want to scroll through other stores, here are the links to follow.

My favorite deal

A simple glance at statistics told me everything I needed to know. If you look at one refrigerator deal this Cyber Week, make it's this one. 

The Frigidaire Gallery is in second position in our buying guide (behind the super techy and expensive Samsung, but it's my number one deal. That's because it's basically half price in the sales. You'll save a huge $1,751 if you buy it today. If you use it for the average twelve years that it should run for, then this will cost you 3 cents an hour, or 64 cents a day. That's a compelling set of numbers, but there are so many more spacious, smart, and well-considered features to love.

Frigidaire Gallery 21.3 Cu. Ft | Was $3,800, now $2,049.99 at Best Buy

Frigidaire Gallery 21.3 Cu. Ft | Was $3,800, now $2,049.99 at Best Buy
Normally, I would be suspicious of a reduction this big on a large appliance, but you can rest assured that this is a fantastic fridge. 

It maintains a consistent temperature even when full, has enough capacity for a family, and reviewers all comment on the smart finish, too. Our main critique was the upfront cost, but at half price, it's exceptional value.

Other options

If that wasn't quite what you're after there's plenty more to explore. Two of the most talked about models — Samsung's Family Hub and the LG InstaView — are reduced by $1,200 and $500 respectively. There's also Smeg, KitchenAid, and Maytag discounts to explore before you dive in.

Samsung Family Hub| Was $3,399, now $2,199 at Samsung

Samsung Family Hub| Was $3,399, now $2,199 at Samsung
This is the refrigerator you'll tell all your friends about (feel free to smugly include the $1,200 Cyber Monday discount in your anecdotes too).

Aside from the sleek design, wide shelves, and 26.5 cu.ft capacity, this has incredible smart features. The Samsung has built-in Alexa, can synchronize with your smart doorbell, and the smart screen display doubles up as a family calendar, photo frame, and note board. Last, but not least, there's internal cameras, so if you forget to write a shopping list you can check what's in your fridge when you're stood in the store.

LG InstaView | Was $2,100, now $1,599.99 at Best Buy

LG InstaView | Was $2,100, now $1,599.99 at Best Buy
There are two features I love on the LG. If you swipe your foot underneath it, the doors pop open: no more unloading full arms of groceries on the counter only to reload them. 

The next, more obvious feature is the InstaView door, which lets you access drinks without opening the whole refrigerator. You can knock to switch between the small door being opaque and transparent.

Samsung Bespoke RF29BB8200 | Was $3,200, now $1,999 at Samsung

Samsung Bespoke RF29BB8200 | Was $3,200, now $1,999 at Samsung
This is one of the best Cyber Week deals and it just happens to be on one of the most beautiful refrigerators I've ever seen. 

It's not often that these appliances get adjectives like 'beautiful', but the Samsung really warrants it. It's made to be admired. You can choose custom color panels, depths, and features. Be warned though, the freezer is fierce.

Maytag Mf12570FE | Was $2,799, now $1,898 at Home Depot

Maytag Mf12570FE | Was $2,799, now $1,898 at Home Depot
If you want a basic, brilliant fridge which has lots of good features, this is your best bet. It has excellent temperature control, adjustable shelf heights, strong door shelves, and a separate, temperature controlled drawer. 

The freezer compartments aren't adjustable and it's not super techy, but that's why it's a brilliant basic: no more, no less. Did I mention there's nearly $1,000 off the already reasonable price too?

KitchenAid Side-By-Side 22.6 Cu.Ft | Was $3.149, now $2,299 at Home Depot

KitchenAid Side-By-Side 22.6 Cu.Ft | Was $3.149, now $2,299 at Home Depot
No kitchen is complete without some KitchenAid, but you might not have expected them to make refrigerators. They're brilliant. This durable model is an excellent cooler, with an independent fridge and freezer system. 

The water dispenser is excellent and the shelves are spacious and adjustable. It might feel like a bit of a squeeze on the day that you bring the weekly shop home and isn't particularly techy, but it more than delivers on the basics.

Smeg 50s Refrigerator | Was $2,400, now $1,999 at Wayfair

Smeg 50s Refrigerator | Was $2,400, now $1,999 at Wayfair
This discount is making up for the significant lack of Smeg savings that were around over the Black Friday weekend.

20% off this top-freezer fridge will save you a modest $500. For your money, you'll get a stylish, if not slightly inefficient appliance. It's a good option if you want to choose from a range of colors and you're short on space in the kitchen. If you prioritize practicalities, you're better off with a Bosch 500 Series (although that model is only reduced by 16%). 


When is the cheapest time to buy a fridge?

Retailers tend to release new refrigerator models around September to December, so it's likely that models that are just as good, just a little bit older, will get reduced. In November, you have Black Friday and Cyber Week sales where retailers offer reductions on reductions too.

Is Cyber Week a good time to buy large appliances?

The Black Friday to Cyber Week period is when we expect to see some of the biggest discounts around. This Cyber Week , I've seen some of our favorite fridges reduced by up to half price, so yes, it's a good time to invest.

Final thoughts


(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

You don't need to replace your refrigerator often (experts recommend doing so every twelve years), so when you do, look for the best. All of these models are in our best refrigerators buying guide, so you know we love them, even at full RRP. The added bonus is that Cyber Week sales have slashed hundred and thousands off the price of these appliances. If you think you need a replacement, now is the time to spend and save. 

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