Drake has a $400,000 bed: we asked why

Made in Sweden, this Hästens 'masterpiece' is the staple of his Toronto estate – and it can change your buying habits

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We all know that a good night's sleep is priceless, but luxury Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens has actually put a tag on the perfect slumber: a cool $400,000. 

Rapper Drake is among the few figures who enjoy Hästens' custom luxury every night (or every night he is at home, at least) – but what does a bed and mattress of such stature really involve? Naturally, the Grand Vividus bed (the model owned by Drake) includes one of the best mattresses on the planet – handcrafted by 'the only few people in the world who have the ability and skills required to create this masterpiece,' Hästens says. 

'The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day,' Drake told AD. 'The bed lets you float ...' The bed, which Drake dresses in white and gray luxury bedding (maintaining the monochromatic palette seen in his wider space), creates an unrivalled statement in his equally luxury bedroom. It sets the tone throughout his Toronto home and tells us all that Drake is serious about sleep. 

But why does the bed cost just shy of $400K? And how can we ensure comfort, whatever the price tag? We asked – Hästens, not Drake; we're pretty sure his answer would be 'because I can'.

Hästens' beds and mattresses are highly sought-after, and while most mattresses need to be replaced every seven to 10 years, these are made to last for up to 100 years. 

When looking for a bed, Jan Ryde, the CEO of Hästens, urges us to consider these questions: What would you like your bed to be made of? And is it a healthy sleeping environment for you? He urges us to focus on the materials inside the bed – 'that will let your body breathe without overheating [and consequently] disturbing [your] sleep.'            

Hästens' mattresses are made from natural materials: wool, horse hair, flax and cotton. There's also a high number of springs for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Jan Ryde
Jan Ryde

Jan Ryde is the executive chairman and owner of Hästens – the fifth-generation family member to manage the bed powerhouse since 1988. Living and working in Sweden, Jan has learned about the art of a good night's sleep from birth, following in the footsteps of his ancestors who understood the importance of a sleep-inducing mattress.  

While it may seem inevitable that better sleep is on our minds when buying a mattress, Jan Ryde says that, in many cases, it is not at the top of everyone's list. Therefore, no matter which mattress you buy (sadly, we can't all follow in Drake's footsteps), it is important to rethink the process with any bed you buy. 

'Many people shopping for a bed only focus on firmness and price. Since we spend half of our lives sleeping and now know that our bodies and minds repair and heal themselves during sleep, buying a bed should be one of the most important purchases we make,' Jan says. 

Hästens bed

Grand Vividus bed by Hästens – the model in Drake's bedroom

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In every bed purchase, Jan says that comfort should be at the top of your list. So, if we can learn anything from Drake, it's that we may need to rethink our mattress buying habits. 

'Reflect on how your current bed is treating you and what you are lacking,' the expert adds. 'Your sleeping position, height, and weight play a huge role in the decision making, so look for a comfort level that makes you feel weightless in bed, takes away any pressure points, and at the same time keeps your spine aligned and muscles relaxed.'

Drake's bed, dubbed Grand Vividus, is, of course, custom, and was designed by Hästens alongside his interior and architectural designer Ferris Rafauli, who is a past customer. So, of course, it's extra.

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