Drake has a $400,000 bed − we asked why and where you can buy it

This mattress 'masterpiece' lies at the heart of Drake's Toronto estate – here's how it's made and where to get the look for less

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Can you put a price on a good night's sleep? Drake can: his premium mattress from the Swedish luxury bed makers, Hästens, costs a cool $400,000. 

The rapper and musician is one of the only people in the world that gets to enjoy the custom comfort of a Hästens mattress every night (that is, every night he sleeps at home). Drake owns the Grand Vividus Bed, which might just be the best mattress on the market, and certainly one of the most expensive. 

'The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day,' Drake tells AD. 'The bed lets you float...' Drake dresses his Grand Vividus bed with the best luxury bedding in white and gray, maintaining the monochromatic palette used throughout the house: it's the perfect centerpiece for his luxury bedroom and shows us that Drake is serious about sleep. 

I spoke to Hästens CEO Jan Ryde to work out exactly how the Grand Vividus Bed is made, and whether it's worth the staggering price tag. I've also rounded up a few affordable alternatives to the Grand Vividus Bed to help you get the look for less.

Where your average mattress needs to be replaced every seven to 10 years, a Hästens bed is built to last for a century. That's thanks to the hard work of natural fibers, including wool, horse hair, flax, and cotton, which flex beneath your body for custom comfort and boost breathability to cool down hot sleepers.

Like any hybrid mattress, the Grand Vividus Bed is filled with supportive steel springs. What sets Hästens apart is their commitment to custom comfort. Their artisan mattress makers can tweak the tension in individual springs to deliver your desired firmness and feel.  

Hästens designed the Grand Vividus Bed in collaboration with the renowned designer, Ferris Rafauli. In addition to the traditional blue checked pattern, a Hästens staple, you could choose between Phantom Charcoal and Natural Shale, or follow in Drake's footsteps with the Black Shadow. 

Grand Vividus bed by Hästens against a black background.

(Image credit: Hästens)

Yes, the Grand Vividus Bed is expensive, but that's the price you pay for 600 hours of hand-stitching in the heart of a family-run factory.

Hästens CEO Jan Ryde acknowledges that few of us can afford to spend $400,000 on a mattress. Still, he emphasizes the importance of buying the best you can get. 'So many people shopping for a bed only focus on firmness and price,' he says. 'Since we spend half our lives sleeping and know that our bodies and minds repair and heal themselves in sleep, buying a bed should be one of the most important purchases we make'. 

If you're in the process of buying a bed, Jan encourages you to 'reflect on how your current bed is treating you and what you are lacking. Your sleeping position, height, and weight play a huge role in decision making, so look for a comfort level that makes you feel weightless in bed, takes away any pressure points, and keeps your spine aligned and muscles relaxed.' 

Headshot of Jan Ryde.
Jan Ryde

Proudly carrying the master traditions into the new millennium, Jan is one of the fifth generation in his family to lead the team at Hästens. Under his leadership, Hästens has expanded its markets from Sweden into Europe, Asia, and America. 

For the best luxury mattress you can actually afford, I recommend shopping with Woolroom. Much like Hästens, Woolroom offers organic natural fibers and European artisanal flair − only, at a price that the average American can afford. For my money, the best organic mattress is the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress. It's springy and responsive, ideal for back and front sleepers, as well as eco-conscious shoppers. To get the look and feel of a Hästens mattress for less, you could always shop with Birch for cooling cottons, plush cashmere, and organic wool.

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