Meet the sofa featured in the world’s most beautiful homes

Promotional feature with Flexform

Its adaptable design has global appeal

Chances are, you’ve already sat on – or at least coveted – a piece of furniture by Antonio Citterio. The Italian designer has worked with many of the biggest brands around, but it’s his enduring partnership with Flexform that has produced his most iconic pieces.


Overseeing Flexform’s entire collection for the past 40 years, creating 30 products of his own and supervising the design of many others, his work is singled out because there is as much a focus on comfort as on aesthetic – sofas and chairs that feel as good as they look, and with names that evoke their softness to the touch.

It’s for this reason that the Soft Dream sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform in 2010, has appeared in so many of the world’s most beautiful homes. A true modern classic, it’s as plump and wonderful as it sounds. Featuring large and rounded cushions full of goose down, covered in the most supple leather or tactile fabric, it’s the versatility of the sofa that makes it so universally appealing.

Modular, and available as an L shape as well as in a traditional sofa style, it is made for lounging on, for stretching out on and relaxing, while being beautiful enough to hold its own in a highly designed space.


And it is now in some of the world’s most beautiful projects. From a high ceilinged loft apartment in the Netherlands, where it is upholstered in a soft ecru fabric, to a sophisticated private home in Cologne, Germany, where it looks out beguilingly onto the peace of an Eastern-inspired garden, the Soft Dream sofa has a soporific, calming quality that is both inviting and inspiring.

It works in a duplex in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it has been covered in soft nubuck leather and seems to glow in the light of the pendants hanging above, offering an enticing contrast to the hard edges of the metal staircase that runs behind.

At the other end of the spectrum, a pair of Soft Dream sofas feature in a suburban home in Coogee, a quietly coastal part of Sydney, where it is matched with Fly coffee tables and Piuma cabinets also by Flexform. The sofas sit at right angles in the light-filled space that opens up into a wonderful seaside garden.

Warm and enveloping, the Soft Dream Sofa is like an oasis, providing a moment of serenity experienced by anyone who sinks into a Flexform sofa. Surrounded by cosy, familiar objects it creates an intimate, cocoon-like effect.



In a residential tower designed by Studio Boeri in Milan, Italy, this apartment was curated by Matteo Nunziati, who has paired the Soft Dream sofa with Flexform’s Guscio armchairs and a Bangkok ottoman.



This project in the Netherlands was designed by Baden Baden Interior, and is furnished with a Soft Dream sofa opposite Flexform’s Happy chaise longue.



Just outside Syndey in the quiet coastal suburb of Coogee, a Soft Dream sofa is matched with Flexform’s Fly coffee tables and Piuma cabinets.



Living up to its name, the Soft Dream sofa helps turn this modern home in Cologne, Germany, into an oasis of peace and Zen-like calm.



Both casual and elegant, this coastal home in Belgium is a warm yet neutral space, featuring the Soft Dream sofa in its most cloudlike state.



Even relaxed island life can incorporate high design, as this property in Mallorca shows. Traditional Mediterranean materials such as dry stone walls form a beauriful backdrop to the Soft Dream sofa.

To discover the charms of the Soft Dream Sofa for yourself, visit Flexform online.