I’m a head product tester and this vacuum is the best Prime Day deal for pet owners

Our reviewers have found hundreds of good deals out of the tens of thousands available on Prime Day. I've cut even these down to a single deal.

The Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ on a carpet, being pushed by a woman
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Amazon Prime Day is here, and deals are landing all over the place. But with so much on offer, it can be hard to wade through those deals that aren't worth your time to find the highest-value discounts. Amazon is stuffed with dupes of better products, and the discounts are only about 10% off. 

That's why I've combed through the coverage from our team of testers and writers to find the very best deal. Right now, you can grab 52% off the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX Pet at Amazon. It's exceptional value on a vacuum that did a great job on test. With everyone's pets pets moulting in the summer heat, this vacuum does the job. 

It's not a fancy deal. It's not as exciting as AirPods or a Samsung frame TV. It's a humble vacuum cleaner, and it's not even the best vacuum we've ever tested. While it doesn't stand up to the best Dysons, these can cost more than $900. Investing in this vacuum will save you nearly $800 versus the competition. If you aren't a cleaning obsessive, you can more than get by with this value vacuum this Amazon Prime Day. But you'll have to move fast - there's only a few hours left in the day, and after that this vacuum will shoot back up to more than $300. 

As Head of eCommerce here at Homes and Gardens, I edit and oversee all of our reviews content. Not only that, but I've been a product tester for years, so I have first-hand experience with most of the products we write about on top of our experts' reviews and commentary. I've been cherry-picking the best deals as our writers file their reviews, and I think I've found the best one.

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99, now $147.99 at Amazon
Best vacuum deal

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99, now $147.99 at Amazon
There's still a few hours left in the sale, but you might not find a better deal. It's one of our favorite vacuums for tackling pet hair and now with a huge 48% saving. There are better vacuums out there, sure, but not at this price. 

In more detail

The Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max on a white background

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Best value vacuum


Type: Cordless stick
Dust bin: 0.13gal
Weight: 8.5lbs
Max dB: Not disclosed
Battery life: 90 mins (45 mins per battery)

Reasons to buy

Deep cleaning performance
Digital display
Good run time
Can handle different surfaces

Reasons to avoid

Heavy after a long time
Doesn't stand up on its own
Bin can be messy to empty
Quite loud

This vacuum was reviewed by our expert tester Laura Honey, but I happened to be on hand to help examine it on that testing day. I've also reviewed it in a previous job at another magazine (who shall not be named, thank you very much).

It performed really well on almost every test, though it had a slight tendency to push at some clumps of hair rather than suctioning them up. With a little finagling it'll scoop them up, but it should be able to get them first try. 

The runtime and display were both considerable and it was easy to switch between surface settings. It also comes with a huge range of attachments that make it easy to tackle different surfaces like couch upholstery and curtains, as well as dedicated pet hair brushes that do a much better job of beating fur out carpet than the generic floor head. That's the difference between this model and the other Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX models - the others don't come with this pet hair tool, and they're much worse off without it. 

Other touches make a difference, too. The LED headlights in the floor head are handy for seeing under furniture and into dark corners, and the LED screen is informative and responsive.

I'm not a vacuum salesman, and I'm not here sell you on this: there are better vacuums in the world by far. This vacuum can feel a bit heavy after a few minutes' use, and it doesn't stand up on its own.  I've always found the dustbin tricky to empty, and it's a little noisy, even by vacuum standards.  It's always worth considering a Dyson or a Shark vacuum, because they're simply better products. They get more dirt up faster, and they're lighter, too. But we didn't expect this to rival them. In this sales event, the ONEPWR Pet Max is a whopping 80% less than a Dyson V15 Detect. You can't expect it to be as good, but it's far, far better value. If you know you want a good vacuum and don't care too much about the brand, this is the best deal on Prime Day.

Laura's full Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max review has more detail.

Vaccum deals

Someone vacuuming a mattress

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If this isn't the right deal for you, there's some other great vacuum deals this Prime Day. 

Levoit VortexIQ 40 | was $229.99, now $179.96 at Amazon

Levoit VortexIQ 40 | was $229.99, now $179.96 at Amazon
There are hundreds of cheap vacuums on Amazon, and lots of them are terrible. Instead, try this: the best budget vacuum on the market. It lacks the bonus features of premium vacuums, but it does the basic job well. It's now reduced by 22% in Prime Day sales, so you can save even more.

Shark Vertex Pro | was $449.99, now $249.99 at Amazon

Shark Vertex Pro | was $449.99, now $249.99 at Amazon
This is one of the best vacuum deals I've come across. Shark makes the best alternative vacuum to Dyson. We loved the value of this powerful cordless vacuum at full price, so you can imagine how we feel at Prime Day prices.

You can read more here.

Dyson Outsize + | was $949.99, now $715 at Amazon

Dyson Outsize + | was $949.99, now $715 at Amazon
Powerful, cordless, and easy to use, this is our pick for the best vacuum for pet hair in the world. The green laser shows up dust and dirt that your naked eye will miss. $700 is still expensive for a vacuum, but $200 off Dyson is rare. 

Dyson Ball Animal 2| was $499.99, now $388.99 at Amazon

Dyson Ball Animal 2| was $499.99, now $388.99 at Amazon
After years of testing Dysons, I know first-hand that they make great vacuums that are always too expensive. The Ball Animal 2 is years old by now, but it's still unbelievably good on carpet. If you want a Dyson, you'll struggle to find a lower price than this. 


What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a promotional event Amazon run every summer. There are big discounts on a huge range of items, but only for Amazon Prime members. 

When does Prime Day end?

Amazon Prime Day ends today, 07/12. If you want to save a little money, you have until midnight tonight to make the most of the sales. 

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