The five key kitchen styles for 2020, according to Life Kitchens

Whether you are looking to buy a new kitchen or scouting around for inspirational ideas on how to refresh your existing one, these five kitchens from Life Kitchens will open the door to a world of possibilities.

The ideal place to experiment, the kitchen is the heart of the home and as such, should be where you express your unique sense of style, bringing some personality and character into your interior. These are the top kitchen styles to look out for when planning your next kitchen.

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The Timeless kitchen is an up-to-the-minute expression of a working kitchen. This Shaker kitchen scheme centre around a commanding island unit, while statement appliances feel very at home in the classic setting. A balance of subtle detailing and pared-back architecture stops just shy of overly elaborate detailing.

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The Refined kitchen is a delicious encounter between heritage and industrial design. Pared-back, with traditional references, this kitchen delivers quiet sophistication yet remains highly functional. This look dares you to get creative with colours, while promising refinement. Despite the softness of the pastels, this hard-working kitchen is industrial style for the modern age.

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The Opulent kitchen embodies a rough-luxe feel, with layer upon layer of interest. Warm, rich tones and tactile matte finishes, create a space which feels organic and at one with nature. Clean, minimal and uncluttered – colour and texture are the heroes in this luxurious kitchen.

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The Decadent kitchen is a sophisticate cocoon of colour – the perfect backdrop to personal treasures and fantastic artwork. While this Shaker cabinetry nods to the traditional, the simple lines keep the look current. Intense colour-blocking is beautifully balanced by the intricate details, and the purity and simplicity of the Shaker design.

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The Eclectic kitchen is simple, contemporary and truly unique. This look is about creating order amidst the busy-ness. An eclectic kitchen is a nod to freestanding furniture, where the table sits at the heart of a bustling kitchen. It is a place where anyone can just pull up a chair and join in.

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'You’ll firstly want to look at the layout and how each element of cooking can be incorporated into the space comfortably and practically. You’ll need to ensure you have enough room to cook and prepare food as well as an area for your guests to congregate. Whether you want people around a breakfast bar, sat at an island or seated at a table, there are plenty of designs that can cater to this.

An island or peninsula is a great addition to the space, providing you with an extra surface area to cook up dishes, eliminating the stress of running out of room. Smart storage is also another factor to consider, from a built-in wine rack and easily accessible spice cupboards to simple to access drawers for stress-free serving, there are many options to fit your needs,' says Daniela Condo, Designer at Life Kitchens.

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