The best Le Creuset sales to shop before the for the New Year

Follow our comprehensive guide to the best Le Creuset sales to reprive and replenish your kitchen essentials before the New Year.

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There is nothing better than a Le Creuset sale, and right now, there are many ongoing. With the holiday season winding up and the New Year right around the corner, there is no time like now to swap out your old cookware for some new ones, with Le Creuset high on our list. 

Le Creuset cookware is perfect for all sorts of culinary challenges – from large family gatherings to one-pot meals – and comes in a host of statement-making colors. But, with quality, comes a higher price tag – and that's where Le Creuset sales come into play. 

So, whether you are shopping for the best-cast iron skillets, pans, and pots, or simply need a last-minute Christmas gift, here are the best Le Creuset sales to shop now. 

The best Le Creuset Sales 

Score the best Le Creuset sales ahead of the New Year by shopping these retailers. 

More Le Cresuet sales to shop

Le Creuset Cast Iron Signature Skillet

Le Creuset Cast Iron Signature Skillet for $189.95 or Buy 3 and get 20% off, at Wayfair

This enameled cast-iron skillet is versatile enough to sear, sauteé, stir-fry, and more formulated with a higher surface to withstand temperature cooking. 

Sauteuse Oven| Was $300
Editor's pick

Sauteuse Oven| Was $300, now $180, at Le Creuset

This great value, the versatile 3.5-quart dish, will look stunning on any stovetop. Available in 13 colorways, the pan's slopped side makes stirring easier, too. 

Stockpot l Was $150

Stockpot l Was $150, Now starting at $80, at Le Creuset

You won't want to miss out on this Le Creuset sale when it comes to this steel stockpot. An essential when whipping soups or stocks, or even when boiling seafood, it delivers the fastest-heating performance of premium carbon steel glazes, it's impossible to resist. 

Signature Oval Baker l Was $200,

Signature Oval Baker l Was $200, Now $75, at Le Creuset

Are you tired of needing a different pot or pan when it comes to baking, roasting, and stovetop cooking? Aren't we all — and this signature oval baker puts an end to needing multiple items; this perfect piece exposes ingredients directly to heat, and a larger size provides ample room to cook for large numbers of groups. 

5-Piece Signature Set l Was $715

5-Piece Signature Set l Was $715, Now $525, at Le Creuset

Are you swooning over the above-mentioned eight-piece set but don't need that many pieces? No problem, go ahead and reach for this five-piece set; it's a condensed version of the former but features the essentials such as the [iconic] dutch oven and cast iron pots and pans. 

Demi Kettle and Mugs Set l Was $115,

Demi Kettle and Mugs Set l Was $115, Now $75, at Le Creuset

We're going to go ahead and call this timeless trio a tea lover's dream. This set includes one of the best hard water kettles — constructed from sturdy carbon steel and finished with a perfect porcelain-enameled finish – you'll also receive two matching cups. 

12-Piece Mixed Material Set l Was $730

12-Piece Mixed Material Set l Was $730, Now $500, at Le Creuset

Invest in this perfectly polished set that has all the essentials; a two-quart stainless steel saucepan, 8-inch nonstick frying pan, a square casserole dish, a three 1/2-quart rounded dutch oven, and all the necessary utensils.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan, 2.5 Qt. l Was $285,

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan, 2.5 Qt. l Was $285, Now $199.95, at Sur La Table

We could give you 100 reasons why this two-piece set is perfect for you, but instead, let's go with the obvious: you can whip up everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to fluffy omelets and can do so for a fraction of the regular price. 

Le Creuset Sauteuse, 3.5 Qt. l Was $299.95

Le Creuset Sauteuse, 3.5 Qt. l Was $299.95, Now $179.96, at Sur La Table

Whip up Michelin-star-style meals and do so in a bold, bright sauteuse. With a wide base for browning and precise construction for easy stirring, you'll be reaching for this piece on repeat. 

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Le Creuset oven dishes are incredibly durable; in fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Better still, they are essential for all sorts of cooking – and make attractive oven-to-tableware, too. These are the best Le Creuset sale prices you will find today.

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Discover the best Le Creuset sale items to shop on the iconic or 'French Dutch oven.' From roasting to baking, this all-in-one does it all.

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Le Creuset sale: The best skillet deals

Naturally, we are big fans of the Le Creuset skillet; its enamel interior is non-stick, scratch-resistant, and doesn't require seasoning, making it extraordinarily durable. Below, we've found all of the Le Creuset sale items on skillets. 

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