Best Le Creuset deals – save on cookware, bakeware, pots, and pans

Here's how to get your hands on some serious luxury for less

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Le Creuset makes some of the most coveted cookware, kitchenware, and tableware on the market. Crafted from stone, cast iron, and durable ceramics, when you invest in Le Creuset, you're buying something that will last you for a lifetime.

We've gone back and forth on whether you should buy Le Creuset, but here's my take. It's a big upfront cost, which not everybody is ready to pay, so if you can shop some iconic Le Creuset buys in the sales, you can save yourself a lot of financial stress.

I've scrolled through all the retailers, looking for deals on the best cast iron cookware, coffee cups, and kettles. Some pieces seem to be reduced to clear, others are in sporadic sales, and others fluctuate between discounts and full price. I'll keep you up to date on everything you need to know, whether you already have an extensive collection of Le Creuset that you want to build upon, or you're holding out for a dream discount.

Our favorite Le Creuset pieces right now

Where to shop to find the best Le Creuset deals

If you'd like to scroll for yourself, you're most likely to find the best Le Creuset deals at these retailers. I've already combed through their sites, but sometimes, it's nice to look for yourself.

  • Amazon: there's always a Le Creuset deal to be snapped up on here
  • Bloomingdale's: there's not always a sale, but you'll have a wonderful selection
  • Le Creuset: always check the offers and clearance section
  • Nordstrom: the place to shop all of Le Creuset's best-sellers
  • Sur La Table: shop Le Creuset's most iconic staples
  • Wayfair: you'll find all Le Creuset here

Best Le Creuset Deals

A collection of red Le Creuset cookware.

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Best Le Creuset Cookware Deals

You'll best know Le Creuset for their Dutch Ovens, which are worth every part of the hype, by the way. However, you can also pick up Le Creuset skillets, saucepans, and frying pans in the sales. Here are my top picks.

Best Le Creuset Tableware Deals

When should I buy Le Creuset?

If you want to save money, it's a good idea to save your Le Creuset shopping for special sales periods. Luckily for you, we've got Amazon Prime Day on the horizon in July, so if you can hold on until then, you're almost guaranteed a good Le Creuset deal.

If you need your Le Creuset now, you can see that there are still some sales happening right now, especially on the Le Creuset site. There's always a deal to be had.

Is Le Creuset worth it?

Even at full price, Le Creuset is worth it. Sure, the upfront cost is a lot, but these kitchen essentials will quickly become heirlooms. Le Creuset gives at least a ten year warranty to all of their products, some come with even more, so when you work out cost per use, it starts making sense to invest in quality over quantity.

We've dedicated a whole article to whether you should buy Le Creuset and, if you do want to, which you should buy. It's written by a lifelong Le Creuset user, Emilia.

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