Make a luxury dorm room for less - there's 25% off in Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Sale

We adore Joanna's Gaines' style, and her Magnolia shop is 25% off sitewide. These are the best pieces for elevating a dorm room on a budget.

Luxury dorm room ideas from the Magnolia sale: Magnolia dorm room bedside with a vase and lamp
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Cultivating a cozy and classy dorm room can be quite a task. Thanks to Joanna Gaines' interiors brand, Magnolia, you can find dorm room accents at 25% off until July 17.

Small touches can go a long way in dorm rooms, and I should know: I've had a lot of practice. A textured throw, scatter cushions, and some faux flowers will make even the smallest space feel classy. Coupled with some fresh fragrance and ambient lighting and it'll be the space everyone wants to be in.

Different dorm rooms will need different styling, but there are elements which never change. It's important to layer and soften your bedding, make the most of your walls, and give some depth to your desk. 

We can't get enough of Joanna's style, so I've rounded up the dorm room finishing touches to create a luxurious space on a student budget. , There's a lot more in the Magnolia sale though, so if you know what you want, make sure to head over there.


A magnolia bed with linen sheets on with a large vase beside it

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Beds take up a lot of space in dorm rooms and they're often a focal point. Choosing comfy bedding, a statement throw, and some stylish shams will help keep your dorm room soft and stylish.

In the kitchen

Magnolia bowls on a table

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It's easy to overlook kitchen essentials, especially if you're not sure what they'll already have at college. These are staples that it's good to bring regardless. They're top quality, so will take you from dorm room to first home and beyond.

A little greenery

Magnolia seaglass vase

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Most dorm rooms will have desks or shelves. Without some stylish décor, these can look bland and austere. Adding some flowers, vases, and useful accessories will be practical and uplifting.

Extra statements/around the bed

Magnolia desk with paper and a flower next to it

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Check whether you can hang things on walls, but most dorm rooms have strict rules. There are lots of ways to get around this and to make the most of your vertical space. Here are just a few of Magnolia's.

Final Touches

Magnolia trinket pot on a desk with a print

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There are lots of extra touches that go a long way in a dorm room. Whether they're storage hacks or scents, they'll make all the difference. These are my top picks, but there's plenty more to choose from.


When is the Magnolia sale?

The Magnolia sale started July 13 and will end at the end of July 17. There's 25% off a range of beautiful, interior décor, so don't hang around. Things were already going out of stock when I was searching.

What's included in the Magnolia sale?

A range of interior pieces. You can shop the sale on their dedicated page, or you can look in each section for what you're after. Not everything is in the sale, but it's all beautiful (and worth buying).

What's the best item in the Magnolia sale?

These are my favorite buys in the Magnolia sale. I'm most excited about the vases, because they were such a staple for me at college. Have a look at everything on offer in the Magnolia Sale, because there will be something perfect for you.

What dorm room essentials should I have?

We've done a roundup of the organizing rules for your dorm room space. To work out your essentials, take a look at our tips. I'd start with bedding and then work out to useful accessories like plants and pots.

Our Verdict

Magnolia candle on a wicker tray with a vase and glass

(Image credit: Magnolia)

It's really important that you can create a dorm room space that feels like home-from-home. It can be hard to balance your student budget with luxury, so buying products in the Magnolia sale is the perfect opportunity. You don't have to go crazy: buying some of these essentials will help soften your dorm room décor.

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