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Top 10 Instagram lighting trends – shining bright on social media in 2021

From Art Deco to architectural sconces, these lights are simply brilliant

Instagram lighting
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Instagram is just one of the ways that we monitor lighting trends – and this year's most popular looks are as inspiring as ever. 

Lighting in your home is not only responsible for creating a specific ambience, but is also an easy way to make a design statement, which is where trend-watching comes in handy for discovering new designs. 

This year, however, it's not all about aesthetics – Claire Antsey, lighting buyer at Heal’s has researched thousands of Instagram posts for us to reveal which designs have been shining through on social media platforms, and top of the list is LED – eco-friendly lighting. Call it the Greta Thunberg effect, if you will – it's a welcome addition.

See the rest of the list below – including Claire's expert lighting advice.

1. Let there be... LED

Most Instagrammable lighting

(Image credit: Heal's)

LED lights (8,010,263 posts) take center stage on Instagram with over eight million posts featuring these eco-friendly lighting options. And, with a wide range of styles and colors on offer, you can tailor this lighting choice to suit your own style. 

Expert tip: LED lights are not only eco-friendly, they are wallet-friendly too with bulbs lasting up to 15 years. They are also a safe option for the home as they don't contain any toxic elements. 

2. Chandelier chic 

Most Instagrammable lighting

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Chandeliers (2,948,840 posts) are a great choice if you who want to add some elegance to your home. Entry halls, staircases and even above dining tables are the perfect places to make this sophisticated addition.

Expert tip: Chandeliers don’t have to be old fashioned and exclusive to manor homes, you can find some great modern pieces that reflect your taste, including statement geometric pieces.

3. Neon brights

Most Instagrammable lighting

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Not just for nightclubs, neon lights (2,145,021 posts) make a statement in any room. As the perfect mood lighting for dark rooms, they are also excellent for capturing showstopping Instagram shots.

Expert tip: From statement custom signs and wall mounts to small quirky table lamps, a neon light brings a sense of fun and personality to any room in an instant and makes for a great talking point. 

4. Table lights – in brights

Most Instagrammable lighting

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Whether it’s for a bedside, coffee or a console, table lamps (338,330 posts)  are a staple non-committal piece. Opt for modern brights, like these beautiful Matthew Williamson-designed pieces, to give country classics a vibrant makeover.

Expert tip:  Table lamps look best in pairs and are a smart bedroom lighting idea. Nothing completes a bedroom more than matching bedside table lamps. 

5. Pendant pieces

Most Instagrammable lighting

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Pendant lights (165,190 posts) are great statement pieces, and make a classic choice to hang above kitchen tables and islands. However, they also make a stylish statement in a home office or hallway, and can be mixed and matched for an interesting and eclectic display. 

Expert tip: Clustering pendants gives an effortlessly classy look and will add extra dimension to a room.

6. Desk lamps

Most Instagrammable lighting

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Desk lamps (81,106 posts) have really come into their own since working from home became the new norm. Opt for a standard Pixar-shaped or Anglepoise for a timeless option. 

Expert tip: According to studies, cool light bulbs are best for studying and learning performance.

7. Architectural sconces

Most Instagrammable lighting

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

These beautiful wall-mounted Instagrammable lights are perfect in pairs or as stand-alone pieces. Architectural sconces (58,810 posts) add an ambient glow to any room

Expert tip: Sconces look amazing either side of your bed, and make great alternatives to bedside table lamps for that clean-lined look.

8. Wall lights

Most Instagrammable lighting

(Image credit: Luxxu)

zWall lights (48,715 posts) are an excellent way to both light up the room and fill wall space in a chic way that enhances your home decor theme. You can choose from orbs, geometric, industrial, cage, pendant, chandelier options and more to ensure the look gels with your interior style.

Expert tip: This Instagrammable lighting style looks great when synchronized throughout different rooms to create an organised look.

9. Floor show

Most Instagrammable lighting

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Floor lights (8,101 posts) and lamps are the perfect finishing touch for any room and, with their freedom of movement, you can put it wherever you like. From tripod to rattan, these statement pieces will make a chic, warming finish to any room.

Expert tip: Floor lamps that have removable lampshades are great if you love to swap out seasonal colours; having a customizable lamp will give you complete design freedom.

10. Art Deco

Most Instagrammable lighting

(Image credit: Annabel James)

Ever glamorous and enduring, Art Deco lights (6,453 posts) take you back in time, perfect for quirky individuals who love everything vintage. Gold leaf, chrome finishes, geometric shapes, orbs, and repetition to add detail are common traits of this ornamental style.

Expert tip: Art Deco lights come in many different styles; if you want a mix of contemporary and vintage, deco pendant lights are the perfect fit. 

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