I'm a sleep editor – these Nordstrom Anniversary sale bedding deals were seriously good

With savings on our sleep editor's favorite bed sheets, and offers on best-selling blankets, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has some of the best bedding deals we've seen

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Premium bedding is worth the spend. From high-quality, durable fabrics to stylish colors and designs, if you can buy the best bedding, you should. 

However, that doesn't change the fact that a good set of sheets can sometimes set you back hundreds of dollars. When a sale comes around, it's always worth looking at the deals available. Even when you can't find big discounts, there might be codes and mini-sales that will save you a few dollars.

Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is now over, so none of these sheets are reduced any more. However, they're all still worth the investment. When Black Friday comes around, I'll update you with the most intriguing discounts on sheets, shams, and bedding sets.

There are a few items which I've tested first-hand and earned a spot in best bed sheets and best silk pillowcases. I've also thrown in some stylish picks I'm yet to try but could make the difference in your bedroom design.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Bedding Deals

Tried, tested and adored

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As H&G's sleep editor, I've tried and tested a lot of Nordstrom's bedding. These are my absolute favorites. 


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A good throw is both pretty and practical. It can subtly alter a color scheme as well as providing a comfy blanket for curling up under as you read a book or watch a movie. 

Sham sets

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Sham sets are a smart, cost-efficient way of elevating your bedroom design. Rather than a straightforward sheet set, sham sets let you play with bolder color, texture, and prints, forming a cornerstone of your room design. 


What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is an unmissable annual event, with discounts on a range of premium brands. It's Nordstrom's biggest sales event, and it happens only once a year, usually sometime in July. It ran from the 17th of July and finished on the 6th of August. There will be other opportunities to get Nordstrom discounts in their Half-Yearly Sale, but the discounts won't be as big. 

Outside of President's Day and Black Friday, this was one of few chances to make big savings on bedsheets and other sleep products. While there's plenty of other products on offer at Nordstrom, I think the bedding deals offer the best value on premium brands. Now that it's over, I'm on the countdown for Black Friday again.

Louise Oliphant
Ecommerce Editor

Louise is your eCommerce Editor and sleep specialist to help you wind down well. A connoisseur of the mattress world, Louise previously covered sleep and wellness (as well as the occasional organizational buy) at Real Homes, and has tried, tested, and reviewed some of the buys for your bedroom. With an MA in International Journalism and PR experience, Louise brings bags of bedding expertise and enjoys nothing more than helping readers find solutions and products that best suit their sleep needs.